November 15, 2009

"So You're Dead...Now What?"

Funny title, I know...

That is the title of the series our pastor is preaching right now at our church, Hope Fellowship. It is all about what the Bible says about what happens after you die. I know there are so many ideas people have about Heaven and hell, but I love how Pastor John gives us the straight truth, straight from the Bible.

The first week was an overview of what the Bible says about death, and the second week was what the Bible says about hell. One of the stats John gave was that 74% of people believe in Heaven, but only 40% in hell. That is a sad statistic to me, but it just shows me how focused on only the good things people are today. (How everyone should win, how there should be no losers in games, how there shouldn't be any negative comments given about anything, but only ones like "You're the best...You're awesome..." Ahh!! Okay, let me get off my frustrated teacher soapbox now!) This week's sermon is on what the Bible says about Heaven. I'm really looking forward to it and digging deeper into those scriptures that tell us all about it--not just our "stereotypical" ideas of Heaven.

It is really strange, and by reading blogs of other moms who have had babies die, I know others agree with me. I used to be hesitant about the whole rapture thing, about leaving the world here and moving on. As a Christian all my life, I knew I was supposed to be praying for Jesus to return...praying for the next step to come. But honestly...I would pray, "Lord, let me at least get to be a mom here on Earth first." I didn't want to go to Heaven, which I know in my heart will be better than anything I can EVER even imagine, until I had gotten what I wanted first here on Earth. Even if something was to happen to me tomorrow, I'm okay and excited to know that I will be in Heaven!

Boy things have changed. Since having babies that I never really got to meet, that I know are in Heaven waiting for me and being loved on by Jesus, I can hardly wait! And if Jesus wants to come and rapture His Church this afternoon, then I'm all for it. Bring it on, Jesus! I can't wait to meet you and hold all my babies!!

Strange how death really changes a person, their outlook on life. I have had loved ones die, my grandpa, other grandparents I didn't ever get to meet, that I do look forward to seeing again in Heaven. But I never desired it as much as I do now that my babies are there.

I'm looking forward to the sermon today on Heaven...


Yarnmomma said...

It is very special to have found you and your blog. The faith and strength you share with the love for God to us is amazing. You are in my thoughts everyday.



Riley Kai said...

I have a feeling that your babies are so special (and that Heaven is so wonderful) that we will all one day see how blessed they are to be chosen to skip the "earthly" stage:-) I've always felt that is why my mom was taken so young. You serve Him well!

Cristina said...

I just posted on my blog and then came over to read you and Justin's posts. It's strange how we blogged about church and similar lessons without knowing what the other had written about.... God must be doing some work here!
I am looking forward to you sharing the message that your pastor gave this Sunday. I will try keep you posted on ours and we can compare notes! =)
Talk to you soon!