November 14, 2009

Events of the day...

Our Saturday...

What a fun day so far!!! Justin's mom and one of her friends came in last night. We went to one of our favorite hole-in-the-wall restaurants for breakfast, and today they are out enjoying the Dallas shopping experience!! They are just on their way back from Sam Moon...if you are a woman and don't know what this is, you will have to come to Dallas to find out what a wonderful place it is!! =)

Justin just got back from at 29 mile bike ride to our church and back (a 25-30 minute drive by car!!!). He is just amazing. I still am in awe of the awesome shape he is in, and how he is so consistent with his workouts!!! Maybe someday I'll join him... =) I just had to include this adorable picture of him with Betsy from this morning...she was totally relaxed on his lap!!! She loves her Daddy!

I spent most of the day at my parents' house planting flowers with my mom. We went and got a bunch of pansies, and really did some cute groupings in many of the pots she has in her backyard. My mom had planted some pansies in my year about a month ago when I was out of town, and so it was my turn to help her!! She is really doing well recovering from her surgery, but my dad and I were adamant that she didn't do any of the planting except directing me on what to do!!

Here are a few of the pots in the yard...We also planted those great decorative cabbage plants that will grow up really tall and pretty.

Molly couldn't resist being out there with us too, jumping in and out of the water. She is a crazy dog when it comes to water, and expecially the garden hose. I'll have top get a video of her attacking it next summer! Mom had to dry her off before we let her into the house! (I'm sure my mom won't like that I posted this picture of her in her grubby planting clothes, but I thought it was just too cute of her! Love you, Mama!!)

It was a hard day for Molly, and she was tired after all that planting! =)

Tonight we are headed out to eat somewhere in the downtown McKinney square with everyone...will be a fun night!
Now you know the details from our Saturday. It has been such a pretty day here today, it was so nice to be outside.
Hope you are having a great weekend!


Suzette said...

Sounds like the perfect Saturday. Your Mama is adorable!!!

Jen Bridgham said...

Tell your out of town relatives that if they like Sam Moon they will LOVE Charming Charlies!!! It is in Plano, preston and Park, by the Tom Thumb shopping center, where the old Pottery Barn used to be!