November 11, 2009

Doctor visit...

So sorry that I didn't post about the results of my doctor visit yesterday, but I just HAD to tell you the story of our mouse adventure!! =) Hope you enjoyed it!

On Monday, Justin and I met with Dr. Barnett, our fertility doctor, for almost an hour and came away feeling very encouraged! We talked about our many different options for our future, as well as what he thinks went wrong this past cycle. Really, he doesn't know what went wrong. He went over the fact that my lining was thick, my estrogen and progesterone numbers were good, my beta (pregnancy level) was normal and what he would expect from a successful IVF cycle. He was shocked and sad that it didn't work, and we were so appreciative of his genuine care and concern for us. It is frustrating to not have an answer to the whys, but he did suggest a few more things that we could do differently if we decide to proceed with the frozen embryo transfer (FET). He says that an FET is actually a lot easier than IVF because it doesn't involve the high amounts of stimulating hormones. All you have to do is take estrogen to thicken the lining, and then progesterone to hold the lining in and help it to accept the embryos.

We are praying about our next step. At the moment, we are feeling like this FET is the right move for us. We have 3 "precious embryos" (Dr. B's words!) left, and he thinks that, if we can emotionally handle it, an FET would be a good final try. I really feel that if we can go into this knowing it will be the last try for us to have our own baby (with me being pregnant) and it doesn't work, at least we will have fully exhausted all our possibilities. If it works, then praise Jesus, and if we don't get pregnant, then we can move on to our Plan B options.

We would love your continued prayers, and I will update more as we get there. For now, we are looking forward to enjoying the holidays with our families, and trusting God for our future.


I just had to include a few new pictures of Jonathan's fall decorations. I went by the cemetery after our appointment, and had fun putting a fall leaf arrangement in his headstone vase.

I loved this...if you look closely, you'll see a piece of candy next to his pumpkin. Someone must thought that all of our babies in Babyland needed to trick-or-treat on Halloween too, because each and every grave had 2-3 pieces of candy on them! How thoughtful and special, don't you think?!


Lianna Knight said...

I am so excited for you Alyson!!!! Looking forward to praying with you as you make your next step.

I LOVE the so sweet :)

Jodi Sue said...

We will continue to pray for you and your family, how ever God chooses to bring you together!
Praying for emotional strength for y'all!
Thank you for sharing with us!

And yes, loved the mouse hunt story!

Love ya,
The Anderson's :)

amy (metz) walker said...

That's wonderful, Aly. I'm glad you are feeling encouraged and you know I'm praying you through every step! Miss you, sweet friend!

Marie W said...

I am so happy you left your appointment with encouraging news, and that you have such a compassionate doctor. I just know that one (or two) of those perfect eggs, will result in your expected end. I cannot wait for you to put that TAC to use!

Taryn said...

You are one tough lady, Miss Alyson. God has blessed you and Justin with perserverance and promise...the promise of His love and comfort through all of the storms. Did we discuss the fact that we are going to see Dr. Barnett in a couple of weeks? It will be our first visit with him. He is closer to home than our previous RE and I thought we would get another opinion. I'm so glad you like him. And he is right about the FET....much easier. We did two FET's to get our little man. The first was a chemical. I will keep praying and praying. Oh how I hope God will answer all of our prayers!!!

Cristina said...

That's good news about the FET. I was waiting to hear back about what had happened, so I'm so glad that you updated us.
Talk to you soon!

Jodie said...

Thank you for the update! I love hearing about how you are doing.

The candy, what a sweet sweet story!

Love you girl!