November 24, 2009

Bucket List...

Sunday's sermon at church was the final one of our church's series, "So You're Dead...Now What", and was all about having a Bucket List. If you haven't seen the movie The Bucket List, see it--it is really good! But this Bucket List sermon wasn't all about making a list of all the major things you want to do before you die, but instead the importance of having a daily bucket list, of recognizing that the little things in life are sometimes more important than only accomplishing those 'big things'.

I've been pondering what was talked about for the last couple of days. The point was that we should take each day and all of the little details that it includes and be thankful for it all. So much of my life, honestly for the last 5 1/2 years, has been focused on everything related to being a mom. At the end of the schoolyear in May, I was talking with students about their plans for the summer, and they asked me what my plans were. It actually kind of shocked me when I realized that I didn't have ANY plans that didn't some how come back to the one focus I have--becoming a mom. That ties into this Bucket List sermon from Sunday. It hit me that all I really have in my bucket was that one focus...pretty much meaning that my bucket was EMPTY!!

But, that isn't can't be right. Why? Because my life is full, even though, right now, my arms are still empty! Even though my one goal, that seems like my biggest goal in life, is still unfulfilled, I have to appreciate all the amazing things that are happening to me right now. Our bucket list shouldn't just be for all the 'big' things, but also for all the little things as well.
So here it "new" bucket list of things I can fulfill, enjoy, and be thankful for in my life right now...
1. My wonderful husband and the fun we have together each and every day!
2. My sweet puppy who brings so much joy and unconditional love into my life!
3. Family--I am so lucky to have such wonderful family: my parents, my in-laws, our siblings, aunts, uncles, grandmas, cousins--not everyone is lucky enough to have such wonderful families!
4. A great job, amazing co-workers, sweet students who need my love and attention
5. A phenomenal church that brings friendships and growth in our relationship with Christ.
6. Great friends
7. Windy days so my wind chimes play their beautiful song
8. Sweet comments and emails from friends
9. Sunshine
10. Flowers growing in my yard that I didn't have to plant!
I could go on and on...
It definitely has to be a mindset change, but I'm going to make a point of appreciating even more all the little things, things that could seem insignificant in the scheme of life, and recognize that it is all of those things that make my life full! Those are the things that fulfill me and make my life what it is--those are the things that should be on my "Bucket List" each and every day!

~What do you need to add to your bucket list??


Audra said...

Amen sister! We have so many things when we stop to look at it. I've been doing a study called Calm My Anxious Heart and it's been the best thing ever for me right now.

Marie W said...

I have lots to add to my bucket list! Thanks for making me stop and think about all the good things in my life. After doing that, I am amazed at how the good things outweigh the bad.....
Lots of love to you honey!

carolinagirl said...

What an interesting concept to ponder! Thank you for sharing. I'm sure I will be thinking about my bucket list over the Thanksgiving holiday.

ps--We both have a cocker spaniel and I smiled when I thought I was the only one who loved to hear wind chimes! Thanks for making me smile tonight.