November 21, 2009

2012--Part 1

Justin and I are headed out this afternoon with some other couples to see the movie 2012. I'm not the biggest fan of "the world is ending" kinds of movies, but Justin is really looking forward to it. He is the best husband, because he will always go with me to see my 'chick flick' movies, so I guess I owe him one! Who knows...maybe I will like it!! =)

The one I can't wait to see is The Blind Side with Sandra Bullock. It looks like an amazing story, but we are going to go see that one next week with the whole family. Maybe I'll read the book between now and seeing the movie.
Check back later--I'll post 2012--Part 2 and let you know what I thought about the movie!!


Lianna Knight said...

I reallly want to see Blind Side is going to be a MAJOR tear jerker!!!

Marie W said...

I saw Blind Side last night and it was awesome. So inspiring! I thought it would be a sappy movie that would induce tears- not at all. Sandra Bullock was great!