October 31, 2009

This and That...

I love Fall!!! I love how the air gets crisp, the time changes (yeah extra hour of sleep tonight!!!), dressing in layers, and burning pumpkin spice candles! I love watching football on tv and seeing the trees change colors. I just love it all! It has been quite rainy this year here in TX, but that is okay with me! I'd rather be shivering and bundled up than sweating!!

Here is our Jonathan tree (that we planted last fall) in full color. I absolutely love how this Autumn Blaze Maple really does have a fiery red color. Its leaves are already starting to fall off, but I love the few weeks of spectacular color we get from it. A fitting beautiful reminder of my sweet angel during my favorite time of year! My mom came over while we were gone to the coast a few weeks ago and gave my house some fall decorations...pumpkins, fall-colored leaf garlands, and even pansies planted in my flower bed! What a wonderful mom!!! Love you!

Betsy even got a haircut and a festive scarf to celebrate the season! Not that I'm much of a fan of spiders though (if you look closely you can see them all over it). She will be getting her fall colored scarf next week--November just seems like a time that should be filled with orangey, rusty kinds of colors.
At school this week, I read a book called "Pumpkin Seeds" with some of my students. Some of them had never tried pumpkin seeds before, so I bought a pumpkin and set about roasting some for them to try on Friday. They actually were pretty good, and the kids loved them! Since it had been at least 5 years since we had carved a pumpkin, we decided since we'd already dug all the seeds and goosh out from the inside it, we should carve it up. I gave Justin the honor of doing the carving. For those of you that know my hubby, I bet you can guess what he decided to put on the pumpkin!!! The Superman symbol!! I think it turned out pretty good! I could hardly believe him when he told me that he had never made a Superman pumpkin before!!!
At school on Friday, it was book character dress-up day. I wasn't planning on dressing up, but at 9:30 on Thursday night, I had an idea. (These are two of my co-workers: Kary as an Indian person from "The Little Princess", and Amy as Amelia Earhart)

Can you guess who I am?? At school, people guessd Sarah Plain and Tall, Laura Ingalls, Annie Sullivan (Helen Keller's teacher), Miss Honey (from Matilda), Mary Poppins (when I was carrying my umbrella)--any of those really would have worked too! I was trying to be Anne, from Anne of Green Gables. I have this book at home, and though, except for hair that isn't quite as "carrot" as hers, I was pretty close! Thanks mom, for doing my hair!

And not to be outdone in the costume department, my silly hubby came out of the bathroom this morning with this get-up on! See, the pumpkin was just a preview of how much he loves Superman! What a cute man I have! =)
Okay, enough of the 'this and that' that has been going on in my life this past week!


Audra said...

Cute indeed! Looks just like Superman! And you, my dear look just like Miss Shirley! How fun. Jessie said she wants a dog just Betsy. Hmmm, we'll have to see about that!

Joy said...

When I first saw the picture of you in your outfit, I thought, "Oh, it's Anne Shirley!" Yay! I guessed right!!

You guys are so adorable. We love you!! Happy Fall from wintry Colorado!