August 14, 2009

Family Weekend...

Finally--here are some pictures of the great weekend Justin and I had two weekends ago. I'm trying to get caught up!!

It was such a fun weekend--very special because we celebrated Jonathan's birthday with our families. We also got to celebrate our neice Ryley's 6th birthday as well. My sister-in-law Joy also posted a great post and different pictures here if you want to pop over and look!)

We took advantage of having almost our whole family together (too bad my brother and his wife Kristen weren't here also!) to take some family pictures. We even got matching/coordinating shirts! It was very hot, but I'm so glad for these pictures!

Here we are--Betsy was about done with the pictures at this point!

The Hall side--My parents with their dog, Molly.

The Steiner side--Justin's parents, his sister, husband, and daughter Ryley.

Both sides together...Ryley and Aunt Aly...
The girls... Joy, Kathy, Ryley, and me...

Realized that I hadn't posted a picture of our Jonathan tree yet since the leaves have grown back. Our neighbors pitched in to buy us this tree last fall, and it is such a beautiful reminder of our sweet boy.

I made this sign to place on it a few weeks ago, and I love it!

Friday, July 31st was Jonathan's birthday, and on Saturday morning, we all went out the the cemetery to remember him. It was such a special time...we sang songs, prayed, released balloons with messages on them, and shed a few tears. I got him this 1 year balloon, but the wind didn't let it stay inflated for long. Another special friend made a little flower "cake" and surprised us with it as well. There was also a very special card left by the mom of one of our friends. I can't tell how much all the love shown to us means to me. I know that I'll think of my boy always, but it is so special that others remembered him as well. Thank you all!
More family pics...
Releasing the balloons...we tied most of them together, but Ryley released hers separately. It was so precious, because hers went up faster than ours, and she said, "Do you think Jonathan is going to get mine first?" She was so excited that he would get hers first.

While the balloons were flying up, our families sang Happy Birthday. That is where I lost it--I realized that he would never get to have that song sung to him each year, and it was so meaningful to me that they would sing it to him, even if he was celebrating in heaven.
It was fun to have Betsy there with us too!
We also celebrated Ryley's birthday. She is so wonderful, and I couldn't stop tickling her! What a great little girl!
Ryley loves princesses--especially Ariel, the little Mermaid. So we had a little mermaid party!

She got her first Bible from Mammaw and Pappaw--so special!

How fun to get to celebrate with her!
A few random pictures...This post is getting so long, but it is almost done! =)
I don't think I've shared yet the silly father's day presents Justin got for our dads. They loved them, and Justin is now working what he can do next!Can you see what is on the back? A picture of Justin! My crazy husband!! The Dads loved them! Ryley loved Betsy. Betsy was the inspiration that led them to getting a cocker spaniel also! Juliet is a cutie, but definitely still a puppy. I think Ryley enjoyed spending time with an older, pretty mellow Betsy!!
Uncle Justin and Aunt Aly with our favorite neice!!
We also had a great day in the pool at my parent's house. There is truly nothing like being in a pool in a hot, Texas summer day!!!

There's just no explanation for this next picture... =)

Ryley is quite the swimmer!
And Betsy is definitely the princess--she would much rather float that put even a toe in the water!!
What a special weekend that we had with our family. Thank you so much, all of you, for being there for us. We love you all, and had such a wonderful time!


Peter, Jolene and Henry said...

Thanks so much for sharing Alyson. Jonathon will always be in our hearts. Love, Jolene P.S. eating some leftover dessert right now, yum!

Yarnmomma said...

Beautiful family pictures...

Jonathons tree is beautiful, oh so full of life...

Have a blessed weekend...



Lianna Knight said...


I just can't even begin to express how much this post touched me. I am not sure if it is the "clomid" playing tricks on me or my heart is just really hurting for you. I honestly had NO idea how much of a strong person you really were until I saw this post. The pics of Jonathon's tree really touched me...and the site of the balloons being let go for his birthday....WOW! I'm sitting hear just balling about how much you went through and I just wanted you to know how much I think of your strength, your faith, and your willingness to keep moving forward.


Suzette said...

Looks like you had a fabulous weekend! Love the shirts Justin made! :)

Lianna Knight said...

Check out my post when you get a minute...I heard the best sermon at church today...I swear it was meant for those of us going through this infertility journey!!