August 19, 2009

California Trip--10 Year Reunion...

Here we go--the final part my California trip! (Part 1 and 2 of this trip are below this one, if you are interested and haven't seen them yet!) I promise that this will be the last super long blog--at least for awhile! =)

Justin and I left the coast Friday afternoon, and drove into Fresno. We stayed with the parents of my best friend Jenny. They were like a second set of parents to me when I was growing up, and it was so fun to show Justin their house, where I had spent so much time!!

The next morning, we went to Jenny's house, and had breakfast with she and her husband Jeff, as well as my other best friend Andrea and her family. Jeff and Jenny, and Josh and Andrea all started dating when we were in high school--all high school sweethearts =)--so I feel like I've known their husbands forever too! We always make a point to get all three couples together when we are in CA, and we have such a great time together!

These are Andrea's boys Noah, the blondie, and Micah, the one who wouldn't smile for me! They are so precious, and I couldn't believe how much they had grown since I saw them last spring!!!

Here we are--best friends. Andrea (top) and Jenny... I love these girls so much--they have been two of my closest friends since 6th grade..we've been through a whole lot together, and I'm so thankful that they are in my life! (Can't wait until our next couples' get together!! Where should we go ladies?? =)

We packed in so much into the 36 hours we were in Fresno, so after a great breakfast at Jenny's, we met more friends for lunch. This is Sean and Megan. Sean and I were neighbors from the time we were 1 1/2 all the way through my jr. year of college! We grew up playing at each other's houses, and have stayed close friends! They got married just 6 months after we did, and are going to have their first baby, a little girl in December! We had so much fun talking with them and catching up!

After that, the I met back with Jenny, Andrea, and another very close friend Kristen, to get pedicures!!! We chatted the whole time--of course!

Then it was finally time for the big event--my 10 year High school reunion!! Here we are--all dressed up! I went to a Fresno Christian, a pretty small school. We only had 63 or so in our graduating class, so I was looking forward to getting to see everyone again. I was a little bummed out, because there were a whole lot of people who weren't able to make the Saturday evening event. There was another picnic event on Sunday, but we had to leave before it since we had to drive back to Oakland to fly out that afternoon. Bummer! Maybe our 20 year!! =)

But I did get to see quite a few people, and it was wonderful to catch up with them! Here we are again--with my silly husband taking the picture!

We even had a couple of the staff come for a little while as well! This is Mr. Stobbe, one of my English teachers. I also went to Europe my sophomore year with a group of students led by he and his wife Geena. It was SO fun, and it was great to get to see him again!

Our principal Mr. Schulz, who we called Papa Schulz, also was there and made friends with Justin. They got to talking, and found out that they went to the same small college in Kansas--what a small world!!!

Here are some pictures I got with some of my classmates--it was such a fun night!

And us being silly--nothing new for us!!

And then our husbands started getting crazy--they entertained themselves, and I think, ended up maybe having more fun than we did!!


and my Justin...

What can I even say???

And who knew that coffee at 11pm...

Makes this happen??!! You would think the coffee was spiked, but I promise you, no alcohol was a part of this behavior!!

But I love him so much--crazy man that he is!!!

It was a great night--fun to see friends, catch up, and reconnect for the future.


After our late night, we were up again the next morning--we had two more very important people to see before flying home. This is my second mom, Hallie, and my (heart) sister Diane. We met at a breakfast place early, and had a little bit of time to catch up. It wouldn't have been a complete visit home without seeing them! (Love your new haircut Di--so much, I came home and mom cut mine about the same length!! I'll have to post some pics later!)
It is amazing how much can fit into 6 short days, but I wouldn't change any of it. I had such a great time seeing family and friends, even though there were more I wished I could have had time to see! But all in all, it was a fabulous trip--one that I had been looking forward to for a long time! It is weird now that California really isn't home anymore, since my parents now live in Texas also. But I think it will always be home to me!

Thanks everyone for making time to see us while we were there--it was so wonderful to spend time with you!


I think I'm finally caught up now from my two weeks of family and fun, and WAY TOO MANY pictures!!! =) I'll post an IVF update soon!

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