August 17, 2009

California Trip--Family...

I love using my blog as a photo album of my life--I know all these pictures and details don't necessarily mean anything to anyone else, but for me, I love to be able to go back and look at my adventures. So please hang in there with me on the next few posts!! =)

I think I'm going to split up the posts about my trip to California...I just have way too many pictures for one post!!! My trip was a whirlwind--and so much fun! I was in California from Tuesday through Sunday (Justin joined me on Thursday), and I think I fit in just about everything I wanted to do, everyone I wanted to see in those six days. We spend about 9 hours driving in the car, making a huge circle through CA. I started in Oakland for 2 days, spent two days on the Coast in Cayucos, 2 days in Fresno (my hometown), and then ended back up in Oakland to fly home---whew!! It was GREAT!!

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When I arrived, I rented my car, and drove out to my cousin Lynnea's house. She and her husband Kumar, have two PRECIOUS girls--Grace and Hannah. I got to spend the next day and a half with them, enjoying their activities, being silly with them, and just treasuring the time I had with them. I don't get to see my family in CA all that often, so I absolutely cherish each moment I had with them!!

This is Grace, all dressed and ready for her ballet class...

The girls get along so well, and we had a fun time being silly, taking pictures of each other!!

Here are the sweet angels together! (There were about 5 silly pictures that occurred before this one!!)

This is Hannah, who just turned 5. She is such a sweet little girl--she loves to hug you and give kisses, but also has a spunky and playful personality! I just can't believe how big my cousins are getting! When Justin and I got married, Grace was just a little baby, and now she is in 3rd grade! Time flies!!

Their house backs up to the gorgeous golden hills of California. Even though they are in a neighborhood, you wouldn't know it looking off their back deck. It is so pretty--in the winter the hills are a lush green--I love their house!

Here is me with my cousin Lynnea. She was older than me when I was growing up, but we have always been close. We also have shared the hard journey of infertility, and I'm so thankful to have her support through everything we are going through!

Here she is with her girls--got a silly face from Hannah!

Here are a few pictures of the girls at their swim lessons that I got to go with them to. They are both little fish!!

After my time with them, I was off to spend the day with my Gram and my Aunt Sharon. My gram is so very special to me, and I'm so glad that I could come and spend some time with her. We had the whole afternoon together, just the two of us. She is such an amazing woman of God, and I feel privileged to be her granddaughter. My Aunt Sharon came and took us for a drive around the Oakland/San Francisco area. It was a beautiful day--cool and breezy with sunshine peeking through, but sadly, my picture of the Golden Gate Bridge (below) was pretty much just fog! =)

Here are my Gram and I up on the hill that University of California, Berkley is on. What gorgeous views!!!

Here is me with my Aunt Sharon in front of her house. I also saw my Uncle Dan, but for some reason, I ended up without a picture of him! Oops!

I had such a great time with my family--even though it was just too short! Next time I hope to connect with more of my family while I am out in California!

Next to come...
Our time at the Central CA coast, and my 10 year high school reunion...
Stay tuned!


Jake Matthew said...

I am a friend of Diana's who is a friend of Amy Walkers and found your blog through hers. I have read your blog for a while now and just read what you wrote about your blog being a photo album etc. A friend recently told me about a website that will compile your blogs into a book for you and I thought I would pass it along. Seems like a great idea to me and something I hope to do someday. Thought you might like! The website is

I haven't actually done it yet but my friend heard that it was cute.


Jake Matthew said...

Not sure why it cut it off but the last part is;


Alyson said...

Thanks, Jenn, for that great idea! Going to check it out right now!

Candie said...

I just think that would be a perfect vacation. A road trip, seeing beautiful sights, visiting family along the way!