June 18, 2009

Slowly but surely...

I'm coming along pretty well in my recovery. Today (in about 4 hours) it will be a week since the surgery, and overall, I'm very impressed (and relieved) at the recovery process! I guess since I had heard that the surgery is like a c-section--just minus the baby--that it would be a pretty tough recovery. I have to say, the first few days after I got home, I was feeling pretty good. A bit sore...needing to take it slower...but overall, not too much pain. Which led me into the false sense that there wasn't any pain, so I must be almost healed. So, I stopped taking the prescription pain meds, and just went down to regular ibuprofen. Which led me to yesterday...and the realization that those prescriptions just were doing a really great job!!! I think I just did too much, and without any pills, I was extra sore. Still, not to the extent I had imagined I would be, but sore none-the-less.

So I've learned my lesson...I am not wonder woman, and I do need to let myself heal! So I'm back taking just two pain pills a day, which, hopefully will be done by the weekend. Oh well--live and learn!! I'm still so thankful to have had this surgery, and would have taken weeks of excruciating pain if that is what it took!

I had some wonderful friends bring me food and a sweet gift this week--things that were so unneccesary, but very appreciated!! Thanks Michelle for the yummy spaghetti dinner--we are still munching on it for lunch! And thank you for bringing the beautiful plant from the lifegroup--I love it, and as soon as I'm feeling 100%, plan on potting it and finding it just the right place in my house! Amy--thank you for the sweet Hope angel--I absolutely love it!! I don't think you could have found a more perfect one--it is even my favorite color! And the Chilis giftcard--we used it that night!! You are so very thoughtful!!
Hope you are all having a great week. My mom is getting back from California (she has been back there for two weeks) late tonight, and I'm really looking forward to spending a few days with her. Even as an adult, there is nothing like the care of your mom. I definitely am not so needy that I need her to take care of me, but I'm looking forward to just having her around. We are planning on doing a duo celebration this Saturday--my mom's birthday and Father's day--before my parents--the travelers that they are--are on the road for a week in Alabama.

Hopefully soon, I will actually have important, real life things to discuss on here, but until then, I guess this is what you get...the ramblings of a slightly sore, slightly bored lady stuck in her house! So go out and doing something really fun for me!!! =)


Yarnmomma said...

This is real.. this is your life & it is just incredible for you to share it..

Continue to rest & heal..

Hugs & prayers,


Joy said...

What a besutiful peace lily!!! Rest up, and stay on the pain meds! We miss you and love you!