May 4, 2009

The Triathlete!!!

((Warning: LOTS of pictures!!! Hope you feel like you were there with us--minus the cold weather and drizzly rain at the end!!))
Here he is...the triathlete!!!! Sunday morning, bright and early, Justin was able to do his triathlon. All weekend, the weather was awful, and the forecasts said there was going to be nothing but rain all morning on Sunday. But, our prayers worked, and the rain stayed away!!!
Justin had to be there at 5:45 to get set up, and his cheering squad arrived at 6:45 and found him warming up in the pool. Isn't he handsome?!
Our friend Harry also did the race with Justin. Here they are hanging getting themselves ready to start!

A few more cute pictures--just couldn't resist!

I tried to get an up close picture right before he started, but it didn't quite turn our right!! Oops!=)

Here he is at the starting line--can you see him back there?
End of lap number one in the pool--he had to swim 12 laps, or 300 meters.

Here are Justin and Harry...they were number 184 and 186, so after Justin passed the guy between them, they were close together pretty much the rest of the race!

Here's a look across the pool. At times, it looked pretty crazy with everyone swimming. They swam up one side of the lane, down the other, then under the rope, and repeat...6 times.

Done!! (with part one) He did it in 6 minutes 12 seconds!!!

Now off to the bikes...

Catching a breath on the way to transition...

And off!!

Here goes Harry too...
Just the start of a 14.8 mile ride. It was originally supposed to be a little over 15, but because of all the rain, the road I posted about on the last post did wash out, and they had to re-route it that morning.

Here is the cheering squad...literally. I think we were some of the only ones really cheering!! Oh well--we're proud of our guy!!

Katie is Harry's wife, and she joined the cheering squad for the morning.

Here is Justin coming in after the ride. He did it 56 minutes and 5 seconds--wow!!

Ready to do the final leg--a 5K run (about 3.5 miles)...

There they go!

And here they come, 36 minutes 33 seconds later!

FINISHED!!!! 1 hour 42 minutes--pretty amazing for his very first triathlon!!!
He's a little bit tired, but super happy!
The triathletes

The moms were so proud of Justin as well--look how huge he looks next to them!
I was so proud of my man--Great job, Babe! Can't wait to cheer you on at many more triathlons!!
I love you!


Danielle said...

WOW...that's amazing. Way to go Justin. I wouldn't have made it ONE lap in the pool. Congrats on finishing.

Amanda said...

Can I just say, that is UNBELIEVABLE! I'm suddenly exhausted just reading this post. Whew! That swimming time is amazing. Your husband should be very, very proud of himself. Unbelievable...

Joy said...

Ryan and I are looking at all the pictures, and we were exhausted after looking at the swimming pictures, much less the rest of them!

SO proud of my little brother!!!!! Wish we could have been there to join the cheering squad!!! Maybe next time. Yay, Justin!!!! :-)

Brian and Dara said...

Yea Justin!! You did such an amazing job!! How did you rank compared to the other athletes?


CJ said...

OH that just brought tears to my eyes!!!! That was so awesome! I've trained/completed on a 1/2 marathon (and several 5K's) and those were accomplishments in themselves! I can't imagine a triathalon!!! Yea for Justin! I'm so proud of him! and yea for Alyson b/c training for something like that takes a lot of support from the spouse!!!

Lianna Knight said...

I am tired just from looking at the pics!! Way to go HUBBY!!!

Tena said...

YEAH for Justin! I heard about the cheering squad from Keir yesterday so I knew the race really happened!
Hugs to you both!

Tara said...

I admire Justin...I wish I could do that! What an awesome expierience!

amy (metz) walker said...

I'm impressed! I can't say I've ever been able to summon up the motivation to do something like that...the swimming part intimidates me!