May 30, 2009

Pictures from the last few weekends

Before I show you our time in Ft. Worth, look who arrived on Thursday! Our friends' baby, Henry Peter! I got to go see him for a few minutes on Friday, and he is just perfect--and seems to be pretty laid back! Just like his wonderful parents, Pete and Jolene! What a cute little guy--Congrats Ericksons!!

The amazing momma--looking great less than 24 hours after giving birth!!
The proud poppa--with his look-alike little boy!!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ on to our Ft. Worth pictures...

On Memorial Day, we had a great day in Forth Worth with Justin's parents. It is sad to us that we have lived here almost 6 years, but yet this was the first "real" time we've spent getting to know Fort Worth! We started out with a yummy lunch on the patio at Joe T. Garcias--a pretty popular Mexican restaurant there. The patio was absolutely gorgeous, and the weather was just perfect to be eating outside. Of course, I forgot to take pictures, but trust me, it was beautiful!!

We then made our way to the Ft. Worth Stockyards, where the pictures (and the fun) began!!

Well wouldn't you know it...we were thrown into jail soon after arriving!! =)

Then we came across this sign, and I thought for sure that Justin's arms had a longer span than a Texas Longhorn...
and they were!!!

But being larger than a longhorn's horns was kind of tiring!!!

So I decided that I needed to at least to have something to do with a longhorn too! Here I am, showing my cowgirl skills...on Big Jake!!

Some other pretty sights in Ft. Worth...

I thought this sign was neat...

She was so friendly...I can't imagine having to dress like this every day! I guess I am a city girl!!
So long, Stockyards!!
Next we went to the Fort Worth Water Gardens. I had seen this on the news a few years ago, but I had no clue how big and unique it actually is!

I'm still a little amazed that a walk like this one didn't have any kind of guard rails!! Seems kind of dangerous!!

It was really hot, so we had to cool off a bit!

Gene and Kathy...

Some pictures taken from the the bottom looking up--pretty cool!

Now, on to this past weekend. It was a relaxing weekend, and on Saturday night, we went over to my parents' house for a swim and some grilling out! No pictures of the food, but we sure had fun taking Betsy for a swim!!! Enjoy some pictures!!
The guys first had to do the hard work and blow up our floaties!!! Thanks guys!
Being that this is only her 2nd time in any kind of open water, she was a little scared...she was holding on for dear life!!!
What a cutie!!!

Watch this video--it is so hilarious to us to watch a dog paddle--she just goes on auto-pilot!!

I'm sure we'll do this many more times this summer!!!

Okay...I think I'm updated on all my pictures now!!!


Suzette said...

What a fun weekend!!!

Tara said...

Looks like you are having so much fun!