April 26, 2009

Willkommen to Muenster!!

On Saturday, my parents, Justin and I headed to Muenster, Texas for their annual Germanfest. None of us had ever been there before, but a friend of my mom and I at work told us about it, so we had to go and check it out! What a fun little day trip!

Here we are...

and my parents--holding just some of the goodies we enjoyed that day!

When we first got there around 11, we did the most important thing first...eat!!! Justin LOVES German sausage, so he was so excited to get to enjoy some yummy food! We even all shared a big piece of cherry strudel--wow--and had to buy some to bring home!

After that we walked around, browsed through all the art booths, bought a few knick-knacks, and saw some interesting characters. There were lots of people wearing lederhosen--I don't know why I didn't take a picture of them!! I was fascinated by all the signs they had posted--don't know what some of them said, but they were so much fun to read aloud!!

(I figured this one out... =)

Here's another one I could figure out--even though I'm not a drinker--seemed like they had a lot of choices at this "garten"!! I was more than happy with my Sprite!

Here is my favorite...just try it...say it out loud........how fun sounding is that?!!!

This was a contest where people were trying to hit a nail into a tree stump with the narrow chisel-side of a hammer. They only could have one hit at a time, and the one who got the nail all the way in first, without being able to get a fingernail under the head, was the winner. We watched three people competing, and I wanted to try it next. But they took F-O-R-E-V-E-R--kind of like watching a snail crawling, and then it turned out to be tie. So there was going to be a rematch--ahh! So I decided to pass--maybe next year--or I guess Justin and I could just reenact it here on our own! We'll see!!

So we went on and just found a hammer more his size!!!

Look at him go---he won me a necklace!!

Then came the polka music/band--note the interesting character on the right with the hat. Not quite sure if his look was really "polka" but they were good!

Lots of people were getting up and dancing, but my husband wasn't about to take me out to polka. I wouldn't have know what to do anyways! We did get my parents to stage this picture--it looks like they were out in full dance-mode, but this dance really only lasted 2.4 seconds! Way too many people listening (and watching!) to dance in front of!!

Here is another interesting character we ran across--who knew Captain Jack Sparrow would be in Texas this weekend?!! We just had to have a picture of him!

After all this fun, we went into town and saw how cute they have painted some of the buildings. We also bought some more yummy food to take home!

What a fun day!!! Our goal is to find more places like this around Texas to visit this summer!
Monday I'm going into a specialist to find out more about a procedure that could help with my future pregnancies. I'm praying that he'll agree with me and approve of the surgery!! I'll post more details about all of this later, but just know that I'm so excited about this possibility. I feel like God is leading us this way--now if we can get the okay from my doctor!!! =)


Joy said...

Ja! Ich bin ein Berliner! Were they playing any David Hasselhoff musik while you were there? Ryan and I are so jealous. Next time you're in Denver, we'll have to drive Volkswagens down to Helga's for some bratwursts and the live polka band. It's the hit around here on Friday nights! ;-)

Tena said...

Tag, wie geht's? I'm so glad you were able to visit Muenster! We love to go there - but the last couple of years we've missed the Germanfest! (Fredericksberg is another one to enjoy - much larger in scale and lots more people in costume.)
And, the sign you didn't figure out translates to something like 'nail hitting' for that contest you were watching.
One of my favorite German words is 'staubzauger.' Wanna guess the meaning of that? :)
Praying for a positive result from the doc today.

The Browns said...

Hi! I saw you on the prayer list (from Kellys Korner) & just wanted to stop by & say I'm praying for you :) We are struggling also & are seeing a fertility specialist now. I have been off BC for two & half years & have been diagnosed with PCOS. I take 1000 mg of Metformin daily & the doctor said I can't take the Clomid anymore b/c I've taken it to many times. I'm hoping this new doctor will do wonders for us. I have faith that maybe this will be our year & hopefully yours too! God Bless!


Taryn said...

This makes me think of Fredericksburg. Ernest's family is from Fredericksburg/Comfort area. They actually own and operate the town of Luckenbach! Pretty fun. We try to get down there at least every few months. Looks like it was fun!

I was thinking of you today as I was parusing my bookshelf. I have SOOO many fertility books and one you might not have is "when empty arms become a heavy burden" by Glahn and Cutrer. I helped lead an infertility bible study a few years ago at our church, and this was the book we read together. I have three extra copies, and I'd love to send you one, if you're comfortable with that. I really liked the book. If you'd like more info about the book, just email me at taryncrouch{at}tx{dot}rr{com}. I'd love for you to have one of my extra copies. Take care. Hope you have a great day!