April 30, 2009


Justin has been training for a triathlon for months...and the big day is this Sunday!!! He's excited, I'm excited, and our parents (AKA the cheering squad) are excited!! Tonight he went for a ride on the actual (15 mile!!!) route. For the actual day, he adds a 300 meter swim and a three mile run--yikes!!! Since his friend who is doing the triathlon with him couldn't come and ride it tonight, I trailed along as a fill-in. But don't be fooled--I don't ride bikes that far--I was driving behind him (about 20 mph with my flashers on at times) in my Santa Fe!! Here are just a few pictures of him in action--it is such a pretty ride--way out in the country!

It's pretty hilly, and "the big hill" is fairly early on. Here he is just about at the top...

Some smooth sailing...

Betsy, along for the ride (pictures don't turn out too well when they are one handed, over-your-shoulder, without looking!!)

Here is where there could be a problem on Sunday...We have had A LOT of rain this week, and more is expected just in time for the triathlon Sunday morning. (Please pray that the forecasts are wrong, or at least delayed a few hours!!) This street, partially washed out, was after the rain had been over for at least 12 hours--we'll see what it looks like on Sunday!!

It is kind of hard to tell in the picture above, but at the top right of the picture, the over-flow from the creek is rushing pretty quickly!

The chase car made it through the water too!

What a cutie!!

See? We've had a lot of rain, but isn't it absolutely beautiful??!! Before this, I never even knew this area existed only 10 minutes from my house!!

Almost back to town...


What a fun, relaxing, peaceful, beautiful ride "with" my honey!!
Can't wait to see you in action on the big day, Babe!


Joy said...

How cool! Great pics -- It really is beautiful out there!

And we're so proud of him!!! I know he's worked so hard to train for it.

Can't wait to hear how it goes. And we'll be praying for good weather!!

Cristina said...

That is realyl cool. Sorry, I haven't gotten back with you... I am not avoiding you, I have just been super busy and tired.... always! =)
Anyway, thank you for the b-day wishes. I will try to get around to the tagging..... =)

Lianna Knight said...

Good luck to your hubby!!!

Jodi Sue said...

check out my friends post this week!
Love ya!

Tara said...

This is so cool! I need to get motivated like your husband!