April 29, 2009

I was tagged...

Eleven days ago, and I'm finally getting around to doing it! Jodi Sue--thanks for tagging me--sorry it took so long!

8 things I look forward to...

~Being pregnant again

~Making it through (at least) 8 months of a pregnancy

~Being a mom

~Spending the rest of my life with Justin

~Traveling all over the world


~Being debt free

~Heaven--with Jesus and my babies!

8 things I did yesterday...

~Administered a Math TAKS test (if you're not from Texas--that is the state test)

~Drove with Justin through his 15 mile bike route for his traithlon this Sunday

~Went to see "The Soloist" (it was good!)

~Sat out on my porch swing in my backyard, just enjoying the beautiful clouds floating by

~Got some good bloodwork results back--no problems with my thyroid

~Caught up on about 30 blogs--and stayed up much too late!

~Saw the Mavs beat the Spurs to win the series

~Spent time with my mom on the way to and from work--and at work too!

8 things I wish I could do...

~Spend a week on the central coast of California--I grew in CA and love it there!!!

~Paint beautiful scenery pictures--my husband is so artistic--I wish I had just a tiny bit of his talent!

~Travel all over the world

~Cook dinner for my husband every night--maybe someday!!

~Knit--I crochet, but for the life of me, I can't figure out how to knit!

~Figure out how to pay for fertility treatments

~Celebrate mother's day as a mother

8 shows I watch...

~24--a weekly must-see!

~Lost--a weekly must-see!

~The Office--a weekly must-see!

~Extreme Home Makeover

~Jon & Kate Plus 8

~Everybody Loves Raymond

~Most of the shows on HGTV

~Most of the shows on the Food Network

8 people I tag...

~My sister-in-law Kristen

~My sister-in-law Joy




~ Jolene



~and Michelle too!!!

Have fun!!!

1 comment:

Michelle Harmon said...

Can I be tagged? This looks like fun! I can't wait for you to be pregnant again too and you will celebrate Mother's Day as a mother...SOON! PS--You are missing American Idol on your show list. Girl!! You are missing out on the best show ever.