April 14, 2009

Hebrews 10:23

"Without wavering, let us hold tightly to the hope we say we have, for God can be trusted to keep His promise."

I love this verse, because it is a reminder to me of a couple things.

First, the basic--that God is trustworthy! Anything He says He will do, He does. Any promise He makes, He will fulfill. We can trust Him completely!! Who else can we say that about? Even the best, most honorable person on earth will, at some point, let us down, even if they have the best of intentions!

Secondly, the thing that is such a powerful reminder to me--it says, "let us hold tightly to the hope we say we have..." For me, a girl who has been a Christian and loved Jesus for really as long as I can remember, it is easy to live in the "Christian mode". I'm talking about saying things like, 'Just trust in God', 'God will provide', 'I will be praying for you', 'Have faith', etc. Those are all things that I say as a Christian, but do I really always mean them and believe them? I want to say yes, of course I genuinely mean them, but I'm not sure that is so true, even though I want it to be. This verse sticks out to me so clearly, especially this week, when I'm saying that I'm trusting God. Am I really trusting, holding on to the hope that God is going to fufill His promise to me? Whether or not it is going to be fulfilled this week? Am I truly 'holding tightly, without wavering', without doubts and worry sneaking in?

That is my prayer and my deepest desire. I don't want to just live the Christian life. I don't want to just say the right Christian things. I don't want to just make it seem like I have it all together. I don't want to doubt God's plan for my life when I'm not seeing what I want to see in the moment. I want to trust from the bottom of my soul without any doubts. I want to have hope in the fact that God has a wonderful plan for my life. I want to love Him with every fiber of my being, and I want to be sure deep inside me that it is genuine, without wavering or just saying the words.I am fully committed to believing that what my God says is true and He is keeping His promise to me!


Leading Lady said...

Amen! I've been working on the same thing. :) Praying for you constantly!

Love, Bess

amy (metz) walker said...

Wow, what a great perspective on the "hold tightly to the hope we say we have" thing. I've never read it quite the way you just said explained it but it really makes sense!

Love you, friend!