December 12, 2008


So just this morning I realized that I completely missed Thankful Thursday--again! Two weeks in a row--not good! This week I've been a little bit busy with a special secret project for some of my friends from church, and no joke, I've been working on it every minute that I've been home from work! Plus, my internet connection on my laptop isn't working and I'm not tech-savvy enough to figure it out. Maybe once my special project gets done I can spend some time on it!

Okay, enough excuses!! Here is an update, some things I'm thankful for, and a few fun pictures that were on my camera from this past week...

On the fertility front---
I had my appointment this morning, and all is great!!! I had enough follicles (6--almost too many!) that were the right size, and the nurse gave me the shot to trigger ovulation. Yeah!!!! So we go back in on Dec. 29th for a pregnancy test!! I just know there will be good news! Thanks everyone for your prayers and well wishes--what amazing friends you are!

This week I'm thankful for--

1) My job. I have such a good time every day working with some great kids, as well as some wonderful people to spend each day with. Plus, they are so flexible in letting me take time off! This week I had 3 doctor appointments that took me out in the morning, plus all day today since I'm sick! I can't imagine the stress I would be feeling if I was still working full time as a teacher. I'm getting to still do what I love--work with kids--but not having any of the stress!

2) Cheesy--but I'm thankful for craft supply stores. I can't reveal any details (see above secret project) but I think I've been to Michaels 4 times this week! Love it!

3) Christmas music. I didn't think I'd be too into the Christmas spirit this year (which is normally my favorite time of the year), but I have to say, the Christmas music playing 24/7 on one of my favorite stations has brought me around. Yes, I am one of those people who have it playing every time I'm driving! There is nothing like hearing that "Christmas Shoes" song to bring a tear to my eye, or the Alvin and the Chipmunk song to remind me of when I was little and loved them! I love Christmas!!

Here are some pictures...
Another pic of my Betsy--we gave her a bath and she looked so pathetic! Just had to take her picture!

Last Saturday, we had lifegroup at our friends Jeanette and Aaron's house. They live in downtown Frisco (this will mean nothing if you are not from the DFW area!) in an old, adorable house!!!
Here are almost all the girls. There are 11 couples in all in our group, but only 8 could be there that night. L to R--Ronni, me, Michelle, Katie, Jeanette, Jolene, Christy, and Brittany.

Another cute picture of my friends--how cute is Jeanette's mantle?!

Here is Brady, Ronni and Lance's son. He is just the cutest little man! He's only 6 months old, but Lance had him sitting in this chair I just couldn't pass up the picture!

Michelle and Christy--both with buns in the oven! Christy is due any day now!

Here is Brittany and her daughter Casey. She is just the tiniest little thing! Almost looks like Brittany is holding a baby doll! She is a month old and only 7 pounds!

Here are the husbands--it seemed that most of the night, we were divided--the girls on the couches and the guys around the food. What's new?!

And last, but not least. I'm so proud of my husband. He and our friend Jonathan have been working out for the last couple of weeks. Justin is planning on doing a triathalon in the spring, and has been really working out and eating right too. So I just had to share with you what I saw when I walked in after doing some errands. It was yoga day. =) You're too cute, Babe!


Kristy said...

I have Christmas music going in my car and classroom too. I kinda think it is driving my kids crazy. Little Scrooges. They always say, "Mrs Hall can we listen to something else???" Nope! Christmas music or NOTHING. Ha ha.

Yea! on the fertility front. Prayers!Prayers!

Danielle said...

I love Christmas music too. It's something I can listen to all the time. Praise God that things are looking so good on the fertility issue. I'm keeping you in my prayers daily. I pray for a good thing on the 29th. I can't wait to here how it goes.

Alyson said...

Hi Alyson,
This is the first time I have been on your blog. I am also Alyson with a "y". We are loving the christmas music too. I cry everytime they play The Christmas Shoes, I am not sure how it would not bring tears to someones eyes. On the fertility front,I will keep you in my prayers.
Can't wait to hear the good news,

Joy said...

Oh my gosh....I LOVE Justin's exercise picture! That's my brother!!!!

I also like the way you rearranged your family room since I was there.

And yay for 24-7 Christmas music! Ryley is learning "Winter Wonderland" at school; it's amazing how now that we're paying attention, we notice that our radio station plays that song a LOT. But it's all good. :-)

Lianna Knight said...

I'm glad you had a great time with friends...I LOVE the mantel in the is gorgeous!! You are surrounded by a TON of pregnant girls and babies...your time is coming soon!

Anonymous said...

That's absolutely wonderful about the follicles! <--Probably spelled that wrong. I've been praying for you for a while now and I'm so happy to hear the good news! I can't wait to hear about the pregnancy test!

Jenny Brannan said...

Yeah for follicles! =) I will be praying for you guys! Hopefully, we will have some good news in the end of December too! I love you!

Tena said...

Yeah for big, fat follicles!

Yeah, too, for craft stores, good friends and cute husbands!

I am praying for good news soon!