December 31, 2008

Christmas Wrap-Up

Here is a picture overview of our Christmas fun this year...

On the 20th, our cul-de-sac had our second annual progressive dinner. Such fun--I'm glad we do it! We had appetizers at one house, salad course at our house, and the main course and dessert at another neighbor's house. I took one measly picture that night--don't know what was wrong with me! I didn't even get any pictures of my neighbors! Oops! At least I got a picture of the first time I used the beautiful china and silver I was given by my Great Aunt Louise.
On the 22nd, we had our friends Andy and Elisabeth over for dinner, and then we went to see some great Christmas lights. Elisabeth and I chatted in the backseat as Justin drove.

I'm not sure why guys like taking hideous pictures of themselves. Andy looks pretty deathly in this one, but look at us girls in the background--always ready for a picture! =)

On Christmas Eve, we met with our good friends Dusty and Amy for lunch at Prairie House. It is a fun restaurant out by our old house, and we hadn't been there for awhile! I can't tell you how much of our time we spent laughing!!! DW and Amy are such great friends. We hate it that they are hours away in Atlanta, but our friendship is still going strong!

Aren't they so cute!

We just had to get a picture of the "Noel" Bear. Yes, we are holding his hands!

Let me tell you how thrilled the guys were to take this picture.
Later that evening, we spent a little bit of time at the cemetery with Jonathan. Tough, because this Christmas eve should have been so incredibly different.
Estella (Andy and Elisabeth's daughter) and Jonathan's graves
The next morning we got up at the crack of dawn, actually before dawn, and drove up to Tulsa. Justin's sister, brother-in-law, and niece were there with his parents, and we surprised them. We hadn't been planning on doing Christmas with anyone this year, but since Joy was there with her family, we arranged to surprise Gene, Kathy, and Ryley. It was a great surprise! Betsy ran in the front door with her beautiful new coat on (see earlier post) straight to Pappaw (Gene) and Ryley. Boy were they all shocked and surprised! Ryley just about wiggled out of her skin with excitement at seeing Betsy!
After getting over her excitement of seeing all of us, she ran to put on her present that Santa brought her. Here is Ryley as Ariel, her favorite of all the Disney princesses.

Joy made Ryley a really neat present. They spent a week at Disneyworld back in November, and Joy made this really cool frame with Ryley and all the princesses. So special!!

Of course, Auntie Aly had to try on the wig too! (Honestly, I wish I'd had a costume like hers when I was little--Ariel was always my favorite too!)

After opening presents, Gene ran the Polar Express train that he had up under his tree. Betsy is always curious about the train, until it starts running. Then the barking begins. Betsy and trains=not friends.

Just had to throw this picture in too. They have a pond behind their house that always has ducks and swans in it (more things that don't go together with Betsy very well!) It was really strange to see these ducks walking on water--the pond was still iced over!
Later that night we went out to see Rhema lights--a college in Tulsa that decorates their campus with TONS of lights each year. They had re-done a lot of the lights this year, and it was really beautiful!

Ryley and me

Joy, Ryley, and Ryan

Wish these pictures even began to do justice to all of the beauty!

Ryley and the candy-cane

On our 6th anniversary, the 27th, we relived our first date--almost 8 years ago! For our first date, we went to eat at Village Inn with Joy and Ryan, and then went to see Chocolat afterwards. This year, to celebrate all of our anniversaries (Joy and Ryan's was the 28th), we went back to Village Inn and saw the movie Marley and Me. Such a fun evening!!!

10th Anniversary...

6th Anniversary...and going strong!

We had such a great time in Tulsa. Justin loved all the games and fun--including Barbies!! Check out my hubby in this little clip!

Overall, we did have a great Christmas. I'm so thankful for our friends and family, who have been there for us through all of the ups and downs that 2008 brought. We are really looking forward to starting 2009, a year that will hopefully bring many great new things to our lives! Happy New Year!

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