November 20, 2008

Thankful Thursday...

Another week, just about over, so it's time to be thankful!

Here are some random things that I'm thankful for this week.

1) I'm so thankful for my husband who always makes me laugh. Just the other day, my sweet, kooky husband came into the living room where I was sitting in this...

Those that know Justin know that he loves Superman (and tends to think he is superman). So this night, the superhero in him came out--gigantic chest and all!! Thank you, Justin, for being my best friend, my confidante, my comfort when I'm sad, but especially one who ALWAYS makes me laugh!! I love you so much!

2) I'm thankful for God's amazing beauty in creation. Last week I was coming out of Target and saw these clouds rolling across the sky. I have never ever seen clouds like this before, and I just had to take a picture! (I'm sure there were some people wondering what the crazy lady was doing sitting in her car taking pictures of the sky!! Anything for the blog!) I love to just pause and thank the Lord when I see his unique and gorgeous creation!

3) I'm thankful for Kumar, my cousin Lynnea's husband. He Kumar comes to Dallas fairly often for business, and makes a point to take us to dinner every time he comes. We feel so special that he takes time out of his busy schedule for us! Of my whole family, except for my immediate family, Kumar is the only one who has ever come to visit! Last Sunday he took us out to dinner, and we just had such a great time together. He is a wonderful example to us, both spiritually, and by his life example. He and Lynnea also struggled through years of fertility trials, and now are parents of 2 absolutely beautiful girls. I'm so glad to have them in the family--they know what we're going through! Thank you Kumar for spending your time with us!

What are you thankful for this week?
Have a great weekend!


Diane said...

Yay! My first thought when I saw those cloud pics was that you stole them from an AT&T wireless commercials...they look like the bars! =)

Not to make things tougher for you, but I kind of agree with the Justin as Superman concept...I remember when you told me you were engaged and going to get married before graduating from college...I've always known you were sharp and had a good head on your shoulders, but I wasn't so sure about that one. But once I met Justin, and when your wedding weekend came, and now over these last years...I have to admit that he has accomplished a superhero's task...I truly believe you married a man who is, amazingly, actually good enough for you!

And how cool that Kumar makes a point of visiting you! I know you and Lynnea were always close and, though sad, it is fitting that she would be able to share your struggle. But she and Kumar are living proof that God is in control and has the timing thing down. I'm glad they can be an encouragement to you!

I love you!

Monica @ Writer Chic said...

Those clouds! Oh my...I've never seen anything like it. Thanks for sharing!

Ronni said...

They had those clouds on the news the other night because so many people sent in pictures wondering what they were. I don't remember the scientific name for them, but they said they were very uncommon.

Riley Kai said...

The clouds are breathtaking! Thanks for sharing! I love that you take time out of your week to note the things you are thankful for.The list of good often outways the short list of bad when we get right down to it!

Joelle said...

those clouds are amazing! great picture!

Jodi said...

We were in awe of the clouds that day too. Kenzie and I were so sad we didn't have our camera. :)

Guess what we got today!!!! LOA!!!!

~Jodi Sue :)