October 24, 2008

Update on Denise...

**Correction--Denise did not go home until today (Tuesday) and is still on bedrest. I misunderstood Justin and thought she had already gone home. Please keep she and her family in your prayers!**

Thank you all for praying...so far so good. Denise was in the hospital all day today being monitored, practically on her head to relieve the stress on her cervix. Her labor subsided and she was able to go home this evening. However, from now until delivery, she is on very strict bed rest. So she will definitely need your continued prayers as she has a long 4 months ahead of her until her little boy is born healthy! Pray for Bill, Denise, and their kids as they take it day by day. Thank you, Lord, for a miracle today!


Diane said...

As sad as it is to hear these things, I am so grateful for the opportunity to intercede with the Lord on their behalf. I love these blogs because prayer is so powerful and these families are being lifted up by people who never have met and probably never will meet them. Thank you for letting your blog be a ministry tool! My heart continues to break for all the families who are going through these issues! It is like when you first hear of something new and then all of a sudden it is EVERYWHERE! My life had not been personally touched by this type of pain, but these last few months I have seen it all over the place. It is comforting that the one thing I can give, my prayers, are the most powerful thing for the situation. May God continue to guide the doctors and give peace to the family. My prayer is that, in this situation, God shows His power and mercy with a healthy baby boy being added to their earthly family!

Jodi said...

Will continue praying!
Keep us updated!

~Jodi Sue