October 24, 2008

Please pray...

I was out and about doing some errands this morning, and Justin called me with an urgent prayer request. Justin's old boss from Countrywide, Bill and his wife Denise are 24 weeks pregnant, and she started going into labor this morning. (This isn't the clearest picture, but the only one I had of them was at Jonathan's funeral)

At the time Justin called, they were on their way to the hospital to get her checked in. She (like me) has an incompetent cervix, and this is her second pregnancy with a cerclage. So with that, she shouldn't be having problems this early. Will you pray with me for them, for the baby, and wisdom for the doctors? Hearing about someone else experiencing this brings back a bunch of emotions for me, but I'm choosing to trust that God will do a miracle in their lives! Pray also for their family--a one year old at home, and three older children as well. I know that most likely this will mean bedrest for Denise, and a whole lot more on Bill's plate. I will keep you posted with any updates--thank you so much! There is nothing like the body of Christ joining together.

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Jodi said...

Praying for this beautiful family, and for you and Justin too.

~ Jodi Sue :)