September 3, 2008

I've been tagged...Huh?

So I've been blogging for awhile now, but I have to admit I wasn't quite sure what being "tagged" actually meant. So I asked my husband, frequent blogger, and he didn't know either! Usually, with any blog-related question I immediately call my friend Amy, professional blogger, but of course, this week she is in Germany!! So I'm assuming, after looking at my "tagger" friends blogs, that I just fill in the info they did on their blogs about myself. I've never been one to forward on many emails, do chain letters, or anything like that, but after quite a few weeks of some pretty heavy blogs, I thought completing the "tags" might be fun! So, here goes---

Tag request #1 (Thanks Amy!)
My 6 Most Interesting quirks

1. I love making lists: grocery lists, to do lists, any kind of list! What is more quirky (or maybe slightly OCD!) even if I have already done something that wasn't on my list, I like to add it so I can cross it off! I know, I know...

2. I love doing crafty projects, but am not the best at finishing them! I have finished some, but right now upstairs I have about 3 unfinished crocheted quilts, many beaded bracelets that aren't finished, half done photo albums, and lots of fabric just waiting to be made into something! I just know I'll have some time soon to get some projects actually done! =)

3. I can't stand it when drawers are left open. I always have to push in whatever is sticking out and close them. My mom has told me that even when I was little, I would do the same thing!

4. I really don't like clothes/shoes shopping. I'll do it if I have to, but I'd much rather go shop for office/organizing supplies!

5. I love the People Magazine crossword puzzles!! I have to do it each week once the magazine comes in the mail. It is so exciting when I actaully can do the whole thing--I guess that means I spend too much time finding out about celebrities! My husband thinks People magazine is junk, but I just can't help it--I love it!

6. I love news talk radio. Here in Dallas, I especially love KSKY 660. I admit, the last month, I've been out of the loop, but now with election news heating up, and Sarah Palin in the race, I'm back to listening!

Phew--those were kind of tough to come up with!!

Tag request #2 (Thanks Joy!)
Me, Me, A to Z

A: Attached or Single? Very happily attached! Justin and I are working on our 6th year of marriage, and have been together for almost 8 years. I love being married to Justin!!

B: Best Friend? Justin, of course! He is my best friend and I absolutely love every minute that we spend together. Honestly, I would choose to be sitting here in our living room together over almost anything else! I have so many best girl-friends too, and I would consider my mom one of my best friends!

C: Cake or Pie? Cake, but not chocolate. I'm actually a bit quirky about my cake...If possible, I like to have my piece of cake in a bowl, with milk, and slightly mushed up. =) My mom is actually a wonderful pie maker, but I'm just not much for pie crust...sorry Mom!

D: Day of Choice? Saturday--I love the fact that the week is over, getting to sleep in, spending the day with Justin, and going to church and lifegroup, and knowing that I still have another day off on Sunday before going back to work!

E: Essential Item? I'm going to have to say my cell phone. I honestly don't know what I'd do if I lost it! I used to always memorize everyone's phone numbers, but since the advent of the address book on cell phones, I don't even see the numbers! I guess I better go right now and write down all those numbers, just in case something happens to my phone! (I have killed a cell phone before--I sent it for a swim in my bathtub. Oops!)

F: Favorite Color? Purple

G: Gummy Bears or Gummy Worms? Gummy worms, even though I haven't had them in years! I just had gummy bears about a month ago, and I had forgotten how hard they are to chew. From what I remember, since the worms are longer, they are much easier to eat!

H: Hometown? Born and raised in Fresno, California. I guess I'm feeling pretty at home here now, after 5 years, so I guess I could say McKinney, Texas as well!

I: Favorite Indulgence? A warm bath with a great book!

J: January or July? January--I like the cold better since you can bundle up, have fires in the fireplace, and occasionally play in the snow! July is just too darn hot and humid here in Texas!

K: Kids? 4 babies, in heaven. Before having Jonathan at the end of July, I had three miscarriages. I miss them so much, and truly wish I could have them all here in my arms, but I know they are much happier in Jesus' arms! It will be a great day when I finally get to hold them all and spend eternity with them! I'm praying that God will bless us with children here on Earth soon.

L: Life isn't complete without? Betsy!! I love my puppy!!

M: Marriage Date? Friday, December 27, 2002 at 1 pm. What a perfect day that was...up in the mountains in California...a crisp, sunny day, with puffy clouds in the sky and beautiful snow on the ground! I'll never forget it!

N: Number of brothers and sisters? 1 older brother, Aaron. We grew up not getting along too well, but now I consider him one of my very best friends! He is an amazing, smart, entreprenurial, and considerate person! I have one sister in law, Joy, and will have another one, Kristen, in just 31 days!!!

O: Oranges or apples? Oranges. Growing up, we had an orange tree in our backyard. I loved going out there, picking them, and eating them! Haven't really found any oranges in Texas yet that have tasted as good, but they are still my favorite!

P: Phobias? Snakes. Don't like them. In a cage they are okay, even thought I don't understand why anyone would ever have one as a pet. Just don't want to come across any in my yard.

Q: Quotes? "Sorrow looks back, worry looks around, faith looks up." ~Author Unknown
This one has helped me a lot in the last month!

R: Reasons to smile? Knowing Jesus has a perfect plan for my life. Sometimes, I don't quite understand it, but it makes me smile know He does!!

S: Season of choice? Fall...I love when it starts to get that crisp feeling outside, getting to start layering on the clothes, and watching the leaves change color. I can't wait--it is almost here! =)

T: Tag 5 people? Here goes--Jolene, Amy B, Amy W, Cristina, and Ronni

U: Unknown fact? Once, when I was 11, I spent a week in Huntsville, Alabama at Space Camp. It was so much fun, but I actually had my most embarrassing moment there--I accidentally set off the fire alarm. All 600 kids there who were waiting to go into the Imax theater for an astronaut training session had to evacuate the building!! I wanted to sink into the floor!!

V: Vegetable? Jicama. You might not have even heard of it, but find it and try it! Yummy and refreshing!

W: Worst Habit? Talking too fast. I feel like I have so much great stuff to say =), but when my students mention it, I know it is something I have to work on.

X: X-Ray or Ultrasound? Ultrasound...I loved the ultrasounds that I had when I was pregnant with Jonathan. Can't wait to have more with future pregnancies! It is just amazing to be able to peek in at the life growing inside of you!!!

Y: Your favorite food? Depends on my mood...chocolate chip cookies with milk, chex mix, or sour cream chicken enchiladas.

Z: Zodiac sign? Libra. Actually had to look this up, just to make sure I was right. As you can tell, I don't put much belief in this.

Well that was actually a lot of fun! I bet those of you who read all the way to the bottom need to rest your eyes!! Hope you are having a great week!


Cristina said...

Why did you have to tag me? =) I'm going to bed... I will work on it this weekend for all to see... LOL

Ronni said...

That was fun! I make no promises that mine will be nearly as good, but I'll try :)

Amy (Metz) Walker said...

LOL, I'm cracking up at the fact that you don't like to clothes shop but do like office supplies. This shouldn't be on your quirks list is should be on your lost your mind list. Ha! ;-)

Justin and Alyson said...

Amy--I never claimed to be normal!!I just like to keep things organized!! Target is a favorite place of mine to find that kind of stuff too!

Tena said...

Whew! I'm so glad you didn't tag me! That was good/fun to read!