September 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Gene!

I just want to say a quick Happy 60th to my father-in-law, Gene. He and Kathy came down to our house this past weekend for a fun-filled weekend to celebrate. The big surprise (which I just about spoiled) was going to Medieval Times. Kathy coordinated a great evening, that included a great show with some great friends here to surprise the birthday boy. I was even included on the birthday celebration--at Medieval Times they announce all the birthdays being celebrated, and "Lady Alyson" was announced as well as Gene's! How fun!

I've included some pictures of the evening...we were cheering for the Green Knight. He ended up being the bad guy, so I stopped cheering for him. But Justin kept on cheering! =) It was kind of funny though, to be yelling "Go Green!" We kind of felt like crazy environmentalists!

Front of castle--not the best view. I forgot to get my camera out when we took some great pictures of the group before going in, so I had to get a quick snap on our way out. So much for remembering to get pictures (with us in them) for my blog!
Here was our Green Knight...

Here we are in all our Medieval glory...aren't we cute?

I just had to snap a picture of everyone in the waiting area--never before have I seen so many adults looking pretty silly!

Justin was a little worried about his neck in this one!

Justin, me, Kathy, and our places ready to cheer! We were served a delicious meal--all that had to be eaten without utensils! Kind of fun! I remember when I went to Medieval Times when I was little, we were with my Great Aunt Louise (a very proper Southern lady), and she just couldn't handle not having utensils!
Here is our night, getting us to cheer for him.

So all in all, a very fun night. If you've never been to Medieval Times before, you have to try it. It is definitely a fun experience that everyone needs once in their lives!

I hope you really enjoyed your birthday, Gene! And I'm glad I didn't ruin the surprise for you! =)


Cristina said...

That is so fun! I wanted to take Bonham there when we lived closer, but we never got around to it.... I guess we will have to make a special trip. Call me soon, we need to plan your visit!

Joy said...

Yay! I'm glad you posted pictures. I wish we could have been there!

Ronni said...

Cool - it looks like y'all had a great time!

Amy (Metz) Walker said...

Love all the pictures! You always look so little next to Justin!!!

Anonymous said...

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