July 13, 2008

Finally...a new post!

Hello everyone---I'm still here! I'm so sorry that it has been so long since my last post! I know I said that with my last post, too! =) I was planning on being a much better blogger in June, but time flew by and I was busier than I thought I would be!

The last few weeks have been incredibly full, but wonderful! I thought that once the schoolyear was over that I would have some relaxation time in June. That didn't quite happen though! I was lucky enough to get a job as a instructional specialist during summer school. It was a great job to have for 3 1/2 weeks--I got to work with more groups of kids and had a lot of fun! It ended on Friday, and I really am glad to be done! My plan is to be at home full time now...planning and getting ready for Jonathan! (Watch for my next post for more info on our little guy, his new furniture, and some more updates!)

The last couple weeks of June we enjoyed having my parents in town. They are hoping to relocate to Texas by this fall, and were here working on details and looking for work. This would be such a huge move for them, after spending over 30 years in Fresno, where I grew up! They are really praying and trusting God to show them to the perfect jobs, the perfect home, at the perfect time. I know they are really excited about their first grandbaby, and we would love for them to be nearby! They were so helpful to us while they were here as well. I told them they were my little house-fairies!! Every day Justin and I came home to a delicious dinner cooked, laundry done, and even clothes ironed!! Thank you so much, mom and dad, for all your help during a busy time!! You can come stay anytime!! ;-)

We left on Tuesday for a great 4th of July trip in Colorado and Nebraska. Every year, Justin's extended family has a yummy barbeque and a huge firework show. The last time we were able to get there was in 2004, so it was definitely time for us to get back there! We were able to spend some quality time with his family and relax!! Justin even went out with the guys for a round of golf before the meal! Just what he needed! We were also blessed by his family with our very first baby shower for Jonathan! Since we don't get to see the whole family very often, they wanted to throw us a shower! What a great day! See below for pictures of our time in Nebraska.

Ryley, the Rocker Princess
Before going up to Nebraska on Thursday night, we spend a few days in Denver with Justin's sister Joy, husband Ryan, and our neice Ryley. She is turning 5 next week, and since we couldn't be there with her for her actual birthday, we wanted to spend a special fun day with her while we were there. We told her it was her pretend birthday! We took her to a great amusement park called Heritage Square in Golden, Colorado all day on Wednesday. We had a great time... Uncle Justin especially! I don't think that Justin has EVER ridden as many kiddie rides as he did that day!! Ryley had a blast, and we did too! Even though being pregnant, I couldn't ride the rides, I loved being the photographer and just enjoying watching their faces!

Following are just some of the pictures of Ryley and Justin riding just about every ride in the park!!!

On the swing
Riding the hot air balloon ride...Justin just about took up the whole bucket!

Ryley, the Nascar driver
(not quite ready for her driver's license yet, but she did a great job!)

Justin got quite the workout with this paddleboat!

The ride of the day...Justin and Ryley rode this roller coaster 9, yes 9, times!! She loved it, and screamed the whole time!

Something I could do--mini-golf!

No holes-in-one, but it was fun!

Hiking up to the best ride of the day... You can kind of see the amusement park in the background.

This was the Alpine Slide--an AWESOME use of a ski lift in the summer!!! You ride the chair lift up to the top of a pretty high hill (gorgeous view!), and then have a great ride down!

The warning said that this wasn't recommended for pregnant woment, but to make your own decision. I just had to try it...I had seen pictures and heard about this for years, and just couldn't miss it! I didn't go too fast and I was really careful!! =)

Justin and Ryley ready for their ride.
It was such a fun ride!! You slide all the way down this long track--what a blast!!

Snow White Ryley and the wicked witch

The final rides of the day...the carousel and the ferris wheel.

The 4th of July Barbeque at Dana and Cindy Korell's house (Justin's extended family)...
Having some fun with Ryley
Family picture--Justin's mom's branch of the family

Justin and Ryan--with their Chuck Norris shirts. I just don't get why he's so popular.

Ryley with Priscilla--the cutest little dog--just her size!!
Pictures from our family baby shower...

Cute decorations and cake!!

We got so many wonderful presents: gift cards, a diaper genie, onesies, a play mat, adorable outfits with matching bibs, hats, and blankets, and even an Nebraska outfit! Now Jonathan is official part of the Nebraska family!!

The belly--at 19 1/2 weeks.

Fun with Ryley--she was our present assistant!

What a wonderful week that we had in Colorado and Nebraska! There is just nothing like being with family, especially when it has been awhile in between visits. Thank you everyone for making out time so wonderful! We love you all and promise that we'll see you again soon!


Jodi said...

Girl, I grew up about 5 miles from Heritage Square! Spent many summers in middle school there! :)
We took the kids there last summer! Jailyn loved the Alpine Slide!
Looks like y'all had a great time!

Jodi Sue :)

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