July 13, 2008

Baby update...

I wanted to post with some updated information about our sweet little guy! As everyone (hopefully!) knows by know, we found out 2 weeks ago that our baby is a boy! See an earlier post for all the details on that great day!

We have decided that his name will be Jonathan Paul Steiner. This is a name that Justin and I had decided on when we were just dating. I've always loved the name Jonathan, and it was a fitting tribute to Justin's late Uncle John. John Steiner was killed in a car accident when Justin was young, but to this day, he tells me of his great memories with his Uncle John. Here is a picture of them doing magic tricks together.

The meaning of the name Jonathan also has a wondeful meaning, "Gift of God", which is truly what this baby is for us! Paul will be his middle name, which is Justin's middle name, his dad's middle name, and his grandpa's middle name as well. So our little boy is joining the Steiner tradition!

We have also been working on planning and getting his room ready. I know, I know...I'm super early (it's July and he's not due until November!), but I'd rather take my time and make his room perfect than be rushing around at the end! =) I have spent many hours looking online for furniture, bedding, and all the things that are needed to have a baby in our house! We found some adorable furniture at Sears, and it came a lot faster than I thought it would! Justin and I spent Saturday putting it together, moving our guest room into the other bedroom, and starting to get his room together. We have a long way to go, since we haven't yet chosen bedding, colors, and we still need to decide on the perfect glider and ottoman. But I was just so excited about the nursery furniture actually being put together and in his room, that I wanted to share the pictures with you! I'll keep updating as the room gets more and more put together!

His crib--it can also change into a toddler bed and a full size bed!

Cute dresser
Changing table
Look--already clothes in his closet!! We have received so many wonderful clothing presents, plus we found an awesome deal on baby boy clothes on Craiglist, so we are already adding to his wardrobe! I'm now working on figuring out what bedding/colors we want. Gosh it's hard to make all these decisions! But I love it!! =)

I'm still feeling really great--My belly is definitely growing! Here is my 20 week belly...
No stretch marks yet--thank goodness! I can definitely tell that he is growing --just this week I have felt a lot heavier in my belly. Yikes--20 weeks more to go!! I have a feeling that I'll be huge! But it will all be completely worth it!! I'm also feeling him moving a lot more inside me. I think he's still to small to kick really hard though, since I still can't feel anything from the outside. It is going to be such a wonderful day when Justin feels him for the first time!!
More to come soon!


Diane said...

Yay! This is all so exciting! I have been patiently, okay not so patiently, waiting for this post! =) Keep 'em coming. And don't get too much stuff on your own or people won't have anything left to get you for your shower(s)! I hope you get as big as a house...the bigger the cuter! =) Love you, Diane

<--- Aaron Hall said...

When are you going to register for stuff - we want to start buying you stuff - but would prefer to buy the stuff that you want/need!

I know its early - but Im sure everyone would love it if you registered (like this week)!

Justin and Alyson said...

We're registered at Babies R Us and at Target. FYI!! =)

Amy (Metz) Walker said...

I'm glad Aaron said that because I keep meaning to ask! I can't belive your tummy...so cute! And I wouldn't feel bad at all about being so excited and wanted to get everything done...better early than late. And you've waited long enough...you have the right to be overly excited if anyone does! ;-)

Love ya!

Aubrey and Jen said...

We could not be more excited for you guys! Good for you for getting started on the nursery early...that way you won't be stressed & can enjoy the process! You look great...your tummy is still tiny! Lots of love from all 3 of us!:-)