July 23, 2008

22 week update

What a great couple of weeks we've had!!! Some of my closest friends, some from high school and some from college, came to visit me over the past few weeks! I feel so lucky to have such great friends who would come out of their way to spend time with me! I will post details soon--still waiting for a few pictures to be emailed to me so I can put them up here!

On the baby front, some EXCITING things are happening!!! As (I think) I've mentioned before, I started feeling our baby kicking from the inside at about 19 weeks. Absolutely amazing, but I was dying to feel him kick from the outside, and let Justin feel him as well! That happened for the first time on Saturday, July 19th! I was lying in bed in the morning, feeling his usual movement, and I put my palm against my belly (for the hundredth time!) hoping to feel a kick. Sure enough, about 30 seconds later, a tap on my hand!!! I think I jumped and looked at my stomach, but then proceeded to feel him kick two more times!!! Justin was out playing golf with some buddies, so of course, the first thing I did was text him the great news!! He actually checked his phone and was excited too! Our friend Dara and her little girl were here, and I told them at breakfast that I had felt the baby kick. So sweet little 5 1/2 year old Brianna, leans her head onto my tummy, and sure enough, we feel the kick at the same time! Jonathan kicked her in the head! Not to sure how good of a start that was for him with the ladies, kicking a girl in the head, but she sure was excited!! =) Justin was able to feel him for the first time Sunday morning. Jonathan was kicking up a storm on my right side, which seems to be his place of choice right now, and Justin was able to feel the kick on his hand! He was so excited to finally connect with our little guy! Since then, he's only felt him one more time, but I'm sure in the months to come, he will be feeling him regularly! Now on to wait for the next phase, which all our friends say is spooky--seeing him moving!!
Another piece of big baby news is that our bedding has started arriving!! After the HOURS I have spent looking, I finally found just the right set. Of course, like most of my favorites, it turned out to be a discontinued line from Koala Baby called Locomotion. However, this ended up being a Great thing!! I have found all sorts of stuff on ebay, in great condition, for a fraction of the price!! I really thought I had wanted the bedding new, but I just couldn't pass up these deals! I think I'll be able to get everything I wanted, including extra matching material, to make other things from, for about $100!! Amazing! It is such an adorable set, mostly blue and green with bits of red, and it has all sorts of things that move: trucks, trains, boats, planes, and caars--perfect for a little boy!!
Below are some pictures of what has already come in. I'm still waiting for the quilt, dust ruffle, and a few more pillows, but I wanted to show you how cute what we have gotten is!
Train pillow
Bumper and crib sheet (sheet is actually from a really similar line from Target that I can get extra pieces from if I want)
Crib, so far. Will look even better once the dust ruffle comes!
Even a lightswitch cover and diaper stacker. We also got some wallpaper border--not enough for the whole room, but maybe can be used in another cute way!
Adorable night light
I couldn't resist--Justin and Betsy hanging out in the nursery! You can see the ottoman for the glider we bought behind Justin. We are waiting for the chair, but at least the footstool was in stock! It is going to be perfect!
Now on to deciding the color to paint and if we are going to put up chair rail. So many decsions and things to do, but SO MUCH FUN!!!


Amy (Metz) Walker said...

It all sounds like so much fun!!! I only wish I could be there with you! I got a really good laugh out of Jonathan giving your friend's little girl a kick in the head! Too funny!

The baby bedding is just adorable and the nursery all looks like it starting to come together!!! Adorable!

Aaron said...

We are praying for you Jonathan! Hang in there!