June 9, 2008

16 week appointment

We just got home from our 16 week appointment, and all is going well!! These appointments don't take too long, but we absolutely love the reassuring sound of our baby's heartbeat. The heartbeat started at 139 and went all the way up to 164 beats per minute--perfect, my doctor said, and exactly what she likes to hear right now. I guess a baby that reacts or gets startled and heartbeat varies is a good sign! Wonderful!!

We got to schedule our next sonogram--just two weeks from today! This is the big one--the one that we hope our little one cooperates so we can get a clear view of what it will be!! We are so excited about this one. I have NO CLUE how people don't find out. I understand liking surprises and all, but I will get a surprise in two weeks as well (and then I have time to plan!!). I think that is the ultimate issue with me--I just have to plan. A tad bit Type A personality, but hey, I can't help it! All of you who have the patience to wait until the end of 9 months--I really do applaud you!!

We'll keep you updated, and post more pictures soon! By the way, the picture below is the size of our baby this week! Cracks me up what babies in utero get compared to!!


rsmbeckemy said...

I'm so excited things are going excellent for you and your baby!

I know about how they compare the little ones to different things for perspective on length and weight. When I went in for my 20-week appointment, my doctor said my little one weighed about as much as a can of soda!

I can't wait to find out if you are having a boy or a girl! That will definitely be an exciting day for you!!

Amy Metz Walker said...

Aw, so exciting! I love knowing sweet baby Steiner is the size of an avacado! :-)