June 30, 2008


I've been trying to do better about posting more often, but I have failed again! =) It has been a week today since my last post...sorry to the friends who have requested more! Once we get back from our trip this week, I will work on being more frequent with my blogs!
Last weekend we were in Tulsa with Justin's family. It was a relaxing weekend, and we really enjoyed being there. Justin's parents have the best pond in their back yard--we had so much fun fishing for little fish! We caught at least 10, most with the lucky (2 1/2 foot long) Barbie pole!! Justin was a little stubborn, and was determined to catch one with the regular pole. Finally, after at least an hour of catching twigs and sticks (and one giant something that broke the line before he could get it in), he finally caught a 3 inch little fish! The smallest of the day, but he did it!! Good for you baby--you're much more patient than me! =)

Our neice Ryley fishing with Pappaw.

Justin right after he lost "The Big One"
For more pictures, you can visit my sister-in-law, Joy's blog here (scroll down for the pictures)

We are heading out tomorrow for a week in Colorado and Nebraska with the 4th of July with Justin's extended family. We haven't been able to make the trip up for the firework tradition since 2004, so we are so excited to be getting to go again! We even heard that the family is throwing us a baby shower, since we aren't all together very often. They are so wonderful!! I was so surprised and amazed that they are doing this for us!!! Thank you guys!!

I will post pictures of our trip once we get back.

Baby Update: we purchased our nursery furniture and are going to pick it up when we get back! I'm so excited!! I have spent HOURS looking on line at all the options, and am really glad we've made a choice! It is really cute--I'll post some pictures of it soon! Now the last major decision is the bedding. I know that I'm really too early to be this fixated on this, but I just can't help it!! I'm so excited!!! I'm actually starting to feel movement in my tummy too--it is absolutely amazing! I can't wait to start feeling Jonathan Paul kicking me!! I tell him every day to kick his mommy!! ;-)

I hope you have a wonderful 4th of July!!

June 23, 2008

It's A.....


We are SOOOO thrilled to announce that we are pregnant with a boy!! Our 18 week sonogram was today, and Justin and I were both very surprised and happy to hear the news!! At my sonogram appointment 3 weeks ago, the nurse had guessed a girl, so we were very surpised today! We had decided that she couldn't be wrong, but I guess our baby is pretty sneaky!!

Justin is so proud to be having a son. It falls to him to continue on the Steiner line of his family, and really did want a son. I'm so glad his wish is coming true!!!

Our due date is still November 25, but our baby is measuring 1 week and 2 days ahead of schedule!! Yikes!! That means our baby is on the big side!! We will definitely be monitored carefully towards the end, especially since Justin was 10 lbs, 6 oz at birth, and my doctor says that a baby's birthweight is based on the daddy!! (Not fair--I was only 6 lbs, 13 oz!!!) Oh well--we are ecstatic and I will be so happy, no matter how big my baby boy is!!

My parents happened to be in town this week, and they got to come to the sonogram with us. It was so much fun to have them there, and they loved getting to be there to find out the sex of their first grandbaby!!

I've attached some pictures of my belly at 17 weeks, some during the sonogram, and 3 sonogram pictures of the baby. Enjoy!!

My belly last week. The baby is definitely starting to pop out a bit!! (I told you I'd post a belly picture once it really started to show!!)

Waiting in the doctor's office for the sonogram! SO excited!!

My dad snapped this photo right as she said, "It's a boy!" The looks on both our faces capture how surprised and happy we were!! Who says you have to wait until birth to get a great surprise?!!

My mom and Justin. Can't you tell he is beaming knowing that he has a son?!

Click on the picture above to see the pictures more closely. The top two are both the "alien" look of our baby! They are straight on shots of our little boy's face! The bottom one is a profile shot--you can see his head, abdomen, a little bit of the umbilical cord and his left upper leg. They scanned in kind of dark, so they are a bit hard to see! Sorry!
We'll post more info soon--about our son!!!

June 9, 2008

16 week appointment

We just got home from our 16 week appointment, and all is going well!! These appointments don't take too long, but we absolutely love the reassuring sound of our baby's heartbeat. The heartbeat started at 139 and went all the way up to 164 beats per minute--perfect, my doctor said, and exactly what she likes to hear right now. I guess a baby that reacts or gets startled and heartbeat varies is a good sign! Wonderful!!

We got to schedule our next sonogram--just two weeks from today! This is the big one--the one that we hope our little one cooperates so we can get a clear view of what it will be!! We are so excited about this one. I have NO CLUE how people don't find out. I understand liking surprises and all, but I will get a surprise in two weeks as well (and then I have time to plan!!). I think that is the ultimate issue with me--I just have to plan. A tad bit Type A personality, but hey, I can't help it! All of you who have the patience to wait until the end of 9 months--I really do applaud you!!

We'll keep you updated, and post more pictures soon! By the way, the picture below is the size of our baby this week! Cracks me up what babies in utero get compared to!!

June 5, 2008

Reasons I love my husband...

My husband is such an amazing man, friend, leader, worker, and dad (to just Besty for now!). I love him so much, but realize that in the hustle and bustle of life, I don't tell him WHY I love him enough. My resolution is to let him know more often, and what better way than to let him know publically?!!

The other day I caught him doing something that made me melt, and showed me the deepness of his desire to serve the Lord and be the spiritual head of our family. He was letting Betsy out in the morning, and was out there starting the day off by reading his Bible.

I know he has so much stress on his shoulders right now, with a new job, a wife that is now not working, and a new baby coming soon. It makes me love him so much more to see him turning to God for guidance, direction, and peace. I am so blessed to share my life with this wonderful man!!

Another reason that I love my husband is his incredible sense of humor. For those of you who don't know him very well, you are missing out on what a crazy, silly man that he actually is!! Justin (daily) entertains me with silly faces, hilarious dancing, and off-the-wall ideas. A picture wouldn't do the dancing justice, and I don't think he'd even let me take one, but we did get pictures of one of the crazy ideas. The other day he told me that he wanted to take pictures of his belly along with mine, pushing it out more and more to look pregnant along with me. I said no, not appropriate (I tend to be the more serious one) but last night when we took my 15 week pictures, I couldn't resist taking a couple of him. I have to say, he (at full stomach extension) is definitely bigger than me right now. So these are pictures of Justin at about 17-18 weeks pregnant--enjoy!! ;-)

Compare the above to the real pregnant tummy...

15 weeks 2 days
I love you Justin Paul Steiner!!!
More reasons why I love you to come!
(Couldn't resist posting just a few more pictures from last week when my parents were here. Of course, all of them include my furry child--Betsy!)

A little bit tired...
Mom and I were in my little pool, and then we sat around to dry off. Betsy had to join us, and crawled from my lap up onto the table. I promise I cleaned the table off afterwards!

My cute mom and her grand-pup

June 3, 2008

Thank you, Amy!!!

This is my wonderful friend, Amy, and she is absolutely AMAZING!!! She gave me a fabulous surprise last night--take a look at the new header of my blog--she created that for me and put it on!! Thank you so much, Amy!! You are the most thoughtful (and creative!) friend, and I'm so glad that you're in my life! The header is absolutely adorable--with a picture of us, our cute sonogram picture, and even a poem by someone with the name Steiner! Wow!!

Amy is also the most talented writer, and has a great blog about her exciting life. You can check it out by clicking the link to the right. Amy-I love you!!