May 4, 2008

Seattle pictures--only a few weeks late!

Justin and I had such a wonderful time in Seattle!! He had a great training earlier in the week--I'm sure taking advantage of the MANY Starbucks scattered all around the WAMU headquarters (even in the lobby!). I arrived on Thursday, to some pretty chilly weather for the weekend. Leaving Dallas, my plane was delayed, and we barely made it out, racing the thunderstorm that would have kept us grounded! We could see lightning shooting out across the sky as we took off!! Eventually (about 2 hours late) I made it into Seattle--right into the arms of my hubby!

After Justin finished his training on Friday, we spent the rest of the time having a great time. We relaxed, played tourist, and found some really fun places to eat! Such a great time just being together, and, of course, it was over too quickly!! Enjoy the pictures of our trip below!

Justin outside of the headquarters

Of course, we had to have a picture of him at the original Starbucks!!

This was the view from Smith Tower, 35th floor. For many years, this tower, built in 1912 or so, was the tallest skyscraper west of the Mississippi River!! It was a beautiful view!

Self portrait from the tower.

Pike's Place Market
We didn't see any fish thrown--bummer!!

Beautiful flowers!!! Everywhere!!

I'm a nut case.

Starbucks headquarters--a must see for my husband!

Here we are visiting!

Justin in the lobby

At the Museum of Flight...

We got to tour a past Air Force One--very cool! This is Justin practicing his presidential wave.

Was JFK, jr's plane.

Even a doggy door--Betsy could be a First Dog!!

We also got to tour a Concorde, supersonic jet.

Very small, with the giant bubbles protecting the seats. The average cost to fly on this plane was $6,000-$10,000, ONE WAY!!!!

Justin got to pretend he was a spy/fighter pilot. I was quite amazed--he knew just about all the names of all the fancy jets!

Just barely fits!

Our last night there we ate here at Rays, a great restaurant north of the city. We had delicous fish and chips, a great view!

The houses on the bay surrounding the restaurant really reminded us of Sleepless in Seattle! Adorable!

After dinner, we drove all around making our way back down to our hotel. We found many great look out points of the city! What a truly beautiful place Seattle is!

Space Needle


A view of the down town--beautiful skyline. The pointed-top building on the left is Smith Tower, the lookout point described above.
We stayed at the Washington Mutual conference center. What a wonderful place to stay. It was about 5 minutes from the airport, and had handy access to the highways--making downtown Seattle only about 15-20 minutes away! This place had incredible amenities, and truly was beautiful!

This was our room--not huge, but very nice. It had a whole wall of built-ins, as well as this gorgeous window/sitting aread! It really was a relaxing place to stay!

Our bathroom--it had a giant tub--which of course, I enjoyed!

This was one of our favorite places here. In addition to breakfast and lunches included at this place, they had this room, right across the hall from our room. It was completely stocked with granola bars, candy bars, chips, cereal, waters, juice, sodas, yogurt, ice cream bars, and more!! All included! It was so nice to grab drinks and granola bars to go for our day out!

Walkway from the parking lot to the room. All of the cherry trees and dogwoods were in bloom--gorgeous!! The first day I got there, it looked like the blossoms on the ground looked like pink snow. Little did I know that on Saturday, we would have real snow on the ground!!

So pretty!

Of course, I had to include a picture of our little rental car. I reserved it online, and thought I was getting a mid-size car. Justin picked it up, and of course, this was what they had! My poor husband barely fit, but oh well! It got us around and we had a wonderful time!!

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