May 4, 2008

My WONDERFUL Husband!!!

Can I just brag on my husband for a bit??

Justin is sure taking care of me lately--I sure feel special! On Saturday we spent the morning pulling out our scraggly pansies and weeds that had grown up in our flower beds. Of course, I didn't want empty beds, so we went out and bought some flowers to put in today. After Saturday morning, my back was hurting, so Justin informed me that he would do all the work today planting the flowers! We got up this morning and all he would let me do is set the flowers out where I wanted them! He spent about 3 hours this morning digging holes (about 50 of them!), planting, putting down mulch, and spraying our trees. What a man!! I'm so thankful for him and feel so lucky to have this wonderful, thoughtful man as my husband!!!

See the pictures below of his handiwork--I know it will be even more beautiful once all the plants grow up big!

By the way, I posted three blogs today, so scroll down to read more! =) Have a great week!


Ryan and Joy said...

Ok, now he can come and do ours. And oh yeah, is he good at laying sod, and building a privacy fence, and cleaning out garages, and....?

Amy Metz Walker said...

Gaw-geous, darling! Justin is a keeper...that's a tedious job!