May 29, 2008

Memorial Day 2008

What a fun Memorial Day weekend!! We were very busy at my parents' house in California. It was a long plane ride, since we were delayed out of Dallas by 3 hours. All four of us (Aaron, my brother, Kristen, his fiancee, and Justin and I were definitely ready to be there!)

First thing we did when we got there was meet Molly, my mom and dad's new cocker spaniel. She is just as precious as I thought she would be, and such a sweetheart!!! She is a lot smaller than Betsy, and is black and really curly. We all had a lot of fun cuddling with her--I'm sure she probably wondered who all these people were who wouldn't stop petting her!! Here are some pictures with her...

Kind of hard to see because of her coloring, but she is so precious when she sleeps!

Mom grooming Molly--Betsy would never sit this still. She will not even let me come near her with a brush!!

Kristen and Molly

Justin cuddling with Molly, too!

Molly curled up on my lap--so cute!

Molly's spot right on Dad's chair.

Somehow we didn't get one of Aaron and Molly, but can you tell we are all a little crazy over our dogs?!!

Saturday morning was great. We got together with my two best friends from high school, Andrea and Jenny, and their husbands all were able to get together for breakfast at Jenny's house. Jenny and Jeff are the only ones still in town, Andrea and Josh live in Southern California with their two boys, and we are here in Texas, so no surprise, we hardly ever can all be in the same spot at once! Andrea was in town for her little brother's graduation, so we jumped on the chance to be together--first time for everyone since our wedding!!

All of us: Josh and Andrea (and their boys Noah and Micah), Jenny and Jeff, and us.

The girls (and Andrea's boys)Noah was so adorable...we had all the food on the table, and he just sat there looking at all of us like "who is going to come and sit with me?" He was so cute and small at the end of the table!
Here's a close-up of Noah, who is 10-months old. Andrea's boys have the most beautiful eyes!

Little Micah--what a precious little man! What a great two-year-old!!!

Forever friends!!While we were there, we had to try out boxing on the Wii. I knocked my husband out!! Sorry Justin! =)
We had a retirement party for my mom on Saturday night. Her best friend and co-teacher, Janice, threw it for her and it was wonderful! I can't believe I didn't get any pictures of it. One of my mom's friends was the photographer, so I'm hoping that they will be shared with us soon! I'm so proud of my mom and her 30 years of teaching. She has always been my role model, and I know that I wouldn't be half the teacher that I am without her example all these years! I felt like I grew up in her classroom. It will really be strange to not have her teaching next year, but I am really excited for her as she starts her new phase of life--grandma!! Well, Gigi, as she has requested to be called! I know that she is going to do some other really great things as well, now that she will have a little bit more free time! You're the best, Mom! I love you!
As if all this wasn't enough, we also had an engagement party for my brother and Kristen on Sunday afternoon. What a fun party!! My parents opened their house up to at least 65 friends and family to come and celebrate Aaron and Kristen. It was a fiesta theme, and there was delicious Mexican food!! It ended up being a rainy and slightly cooler day, which altered the plans a little bit, but I think it was quite a success!! Justin and I had fun seeing people that we hadn't seen in a while, some since our own wedding 5 1/2 years ago!! What a great party!

The cake...

The adorable couple!

Getting ready to cut the cake
Justin and I having fun!

Kristen coloring with my cousin Erica's daughter, MacKenzie.

More of my cute cousins (l to r) Grace, Hannah, and Olivia. All of these little girls had such a great time playing together and petting Molly!! Molly was EXHAUSTED by the end of the day!!!

My first cousins with their kids, with Gram in the middle.
Like I said at the beginning, a great, but busy weekend!!!

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