May 30, 2008

14 Week Update...

Last night, when I was updating my memorial day blog, I figured I would give a pregnancy update today and put on some pictures of some of the cute presents that we've gotten so far. I've been really feeling good and finally looking a little bit pregnant. Little did I know that last night we would get a scare in the middle of the night. I had some bleeding last night that didn't stop, so today I went to the doctor today. They couldn't find anything specific that was causing the bleeding, and the baby looked and sounded good.The bleeding has finally pretty much tapered off, so I'm just going to take it easy for a while! I have another appointment in 2 1/2 weeks and then another sonogram a few weeks after that. But the good thing about this ordeal was that I got to have another sonogram today!! Our baby has sure grown a lot since 10 weeks, and is actually looking like a baby! We got 3 really cute sonogram pictures--hopefully you can see them clearly! You can click on the picture and see it bigger. Enjoy!

This is me two nights ago, looking pretty worn out, and in Justin's big shirt, but I figured I'd put on a face picture since Justin cut off my head in the one below! =) Below is what my belly is starting to look like. Not the best shirt to show off the tummy in a cute way, but hey, it was comfy!!

Here are the sonograms of the baby. I'll put an explanation underneath each. Sono #1: Profile shot with the baby's hand up by its head. The baby was waving it all around and looked like it was hitting its forehead!! You can see two shapes in the belly--The one on the right is the heart and was beating like crazy on the screen. I'm not quite sure what the other one is--stomach, lung?? You can just faintly see the legs as well.

Sono #2: This one is the best and clearest profile of our baby's face. You can see the whole head--forehead, eye, nose, lips, and chin! Absolutely amazing to be able to see the baby that clearly!! You can also see a bit of the spine.

Sono #3: This one was pretty neat, too. The curved line with lots of white dots that you see was actually the baby stretching its arm out all the way and resting its hand on its knees. It just looked like it was lounging in there! Right before this you could see the fingers and hand, but then it stretched out. Amazing to see how the bones are starting to form. You can also see the legs kind of bent if you look closely!

I hope that you can see these okay--they are truly amazing in person! Can you tell that I am amazed by the fact that I can see my baby inside of me?? Right now the baby is 3.3 inches from crown to rump, so if you add the legs in, it is probably about 4 inches. The heartbeat went back and forth between 149 and 159 beats per minute, so right on track. Thank the Lord that everything is okay!

I just wanted to post some of the adorable presents we have gotten so far. I can't believe that we are already getting presents, even thought we have 5 1/2 months more to wait until our baby is born!!

These books are from my cousin Lynnea and her family. Our first baby presents!
My friend Michelle from our church group MADE this baby blanket for us! It is so soft!!

My cousins from Northern California gave us some adorable presents when we saw them at my brother's party. They are so thoughtful--they got one outfit for a boy and one for a girl!!

This was the rear-end of the boy outfit--how cute!!

Here is the girl outfit with a cute matching hat!

Lastly, we got this little cuddly frog. Isn't it adorable?!
Thank you everyone for your sweet gifts!! Thank you also for your continued prayers for us, and for our sweet little baby!! Have a great weekend!


Ryan and Joy said...

Oh, it has such a pretty face!!! What a cutie! We're going to send you gifts, too, right after we find out if it's a boy or girl cousin for Ryley!!! :-)

rsmbeckemy said...

Isn't it exciting to see pictures of your baby before they are born!? It makes it seem more real. Presents are fun too! Now that we know we are having a girl, it will be easier to buy clothes for her, not just onesies! Congratulations!

Ryan and Joy said...

(as dictated to Joy by Ryley)

Dear Aly and Justin and Betsy,

We hope you like your baby. We're so excited that you have a baby. We're so glad in a few weeks you're going to meet us. That's what Pappaw told us. I really, really like the e-mail that you sent to us. We can't wait to find out with you to see what if your baby is a girl or a boy. I love you, Aly and Justin and Betsy. And I love your new baby, too.


Amy Metz Walker said...

OH MY GOSH!!! Why did I not know about this! Sorry I haven't called lately...Dusty and I are both sick with some sort of stomach virus, ugh! Talk to you soon! Love ya!

The sono pictures are adorable!