May 12, 2008

12 week appointment

Hi everyone!

We had our 12 week appointment today--2nd official pregnancy appointment. Everything is still going well--thank you Jesus! It was a pretty short and sweet appointment--mostly questions and answers of things I had been wondering about this week. No sonogram--bummer. We should get one in 6 weeks and we will find out then if it is a boy or girl!!

The most exciting thing was that we got to hear the heartbeat again. We heard it a week and a half ago with our sonogram, but this time was a milestone. My doctor said that when we are able to hear the heartbeat with a doppler (used on the stomach) the chance of miscarriage goes down dramatically. So I am definitely starting to relax (a bit) knowing that I have made it to 12 weeks, and now have heard the heartbeat!!

We were able to record the heartbeat with our camera, and I'm going to post it below. It looks kind of strange, turning different ways, but hopefully you can enjoy the whooshing sound of our little one's heartbeat! It is at 164 beats per minute, and sounds great! Please ignore the tummy--not quite a cute pregnancy belly yet, but I figured I'd let you see it so you could hear the heartbeat!! I'm also posting another cute pregnancy outfit!! Enjoy!

Click play to hear the video!

I like this outfit!!

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Amy Metz Walker said...

Awwwwww! I love it...can't wait to meet Baby Steiner! It seems like its all going so fast - only six more weeks and you'll know the sex. Are you going to share it?

P.S. oh and you are silly about the belly. It's cute!