May 4, 2008

10 week baby update...

We had our 10 week sonogram scheduled for this week. We had a bit of a scare on Tuesday night---I bled (not super heavily, but still blood) that night from 11pm to 6am. So the next morning at 7:30, we were at the doctor's office, and they were able to get us in for a check and a sonogram. I was supposed to be going in Thursday afternoon, but got in a day early! I ended up having a second sonogram in the afternoon, just to double check that everything was okay. The final report--all looked good, thank you Jesus!!! Not sure why I was bleeding, but it is pretty common in pregnancy--just way too scary!

The baby was moving all around, waving his/her arms and legs like crazy!!! So adorable! We got to hear the heartbeat twice that day as well--thought we wouldn't hear it until 12 weeks, so it was a treat! The heartbeat was 172 beats per minute, and it is 3.2 cm (1 1/2 inches) long. Amazing how much it has grown in just 3 weeks!!! We are so thankful for great doctors and supportive family!! Thanks for your continued prayers!! The following pictures are much clearer than the 7 week ones--you can really see the head, tummy, and arms/hands in them. Some of them you can kind of see the feet/legs. I wish you could have seen the baby moving all around, but they won't let us videotape!! =( It really is amazing to see the little life growing inside of me. Even though the baby is only 1 1/2 inch long, its little arms and legs sure can move all around!

Click on the picture to see it up close...

The top picture was pretty special--the sonogram tech caught the baby with its hand up, so she wrote a little message for us! The picture right below was from the morning appointment, when we found out everything was okay. The last picture on the right is one that shoes a little bit more of the legs. Isn't our baby cute?!! The head looks kind of long (my mom says the baby looks kind of like a possum!) but I read it my baby book that it is big because the brain is developing! So our baby is going to be a genius! =)

Baby Steiner

We don't know if we'll get another sonogram before 18 weeks--bummer. But by then, we should know if it is a boy or a girl!! Exciting!! I have my 12 week appointment in 2 weeks, so more updates to come!!

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Ryan and Joy said...

I can't wait to see what it is! Right now I am thinking "girl," just because of the fast heart rate. I always thought Justin would have a boy first, but who knows???? It won't be long until we know... :-)