April 9, 2008

The GREAT News

We are pregnant!!! Finally--after three years of struggling, we are 7 weeks, 1 day pregnant. Here are some pictures of our little baby as it looks like at the moment. I think a good description right now is a "blob", but Justin doesn't like me to call it that. So I'll have to come up with a new name soon. =) I can't wait until we can finally find out what it is!! I don't understand how people could be patient enough to wait the full nine months!

I'll be updating all our info as we go along.... Here are the 7 week stats:

Baby Stats:

-Length: 11mm (about a centimeter--about the size of a bean)
-Heart rate: 148 beats per minute

This picture shows the baby (small, gray, fuzzy looking blob in the black
shape. The head is at the top. Doesn't look too much like a baby yet, but it looks WONDERFUL to us!!!This picture is measuring the heartbeat. The lines along the bottom are actually the heartbeats. We wanted to videotape it so you could see the flickering, but they wouldn't let us--legal something or other--bummer.

Mommy Stats:

-No real weight gain (yet!)
-Amazingly enough, I've hardly had any morning sickness! I'm not naive enough to think that I made it without any, but I'm hoping maybe I lucked out!!
-I've taken pictures of my belly since week 4, so we can look back and see the changes, but I won't be posting any of those. I'd rather show a belly that actually looks pregnant, not one that just looks chubby! Sorry! =)

I have my first real OBGYN appointment on Monday afternoon, so maybe we'll have more info to post then!

We really debated with telling our great news this early, since we've had 3 early miscarriages in the past. Even though it would be really hard if something bad happened with this one, I'd rather have the love, support and prayers of all our family and friends. But I know that nothing is going to happen with this pregnancy! The baby looks great and his/her heartbeat is strong--so we are just going to believe that every detail will be fine and we will get to hold and love our baby come November 25th!! We appreciate all your prayers during this pregnancy!

Keep coming back for more updates!


Amy Metz Walker said...

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!!! SO happy for you and can't wait to keep checking back for updates!

Ryan and Joy said...

Yay!!!! We are SOOOOOO excited. Ryley may have seemed quiet about it with you on the phone, but the second we hung up, she was chattering about how exciting it was!!!! Every day she asks me how big I think "Aly's baby" is, and she says she thinks it's a boy. She keeps saying, "This is going to be SO FUN!!!!" :-) God is good.

316teamREALTY said...

Justin and Alyson,

You do know that Mike and I will become your prayer warriors in this pregnancy...... I am super excited about this news.

TN Bakers said...

Aly, I have a lot to catch up on with your life, and I was just reading older posts to figure out when you became pregnant. I had no idea you suffered 3 miscarriages. I don't know if you ever heard that we lost our first pregnancy - a little boy, stillborn, at 26 weeks due to an infection that I contracted. Isn't it amazing to think we both have children waiting for us in heaven? And God is so faithful to give us both another child.