March 7, 2008

Snow (AGAIN!!) in March

Oh, it is definitely Texas!! After our snow on Monday and Tuesday, Wednesday was a nice day with temperatures at about 60. Then it all changed! By the time school was out on Thursday, we were in the midst of major snow!!! I had to wipe about 2 inches off of my windows before I could drive home, and the flakes literally looked like huge, fluffy white cotton balls! It made for a slow drive home, but it was sure beautiful!! It snowed until about 7, and then snowed again at about 3 in the morning. The final result of snow wasn't as thick as it was on Tuesday, but the ice on Friday morning was bad enough that my school had a delayed start again! Twice in one week--with warm weather in between!! Here are some pictures of snow number two...

The view out of my windshield on the way home...

Snow falling at home...

At first, Betsy started to run out to the yard. Then she realized that something was falling on her and she ran back under the patio. She, the wuss that she is, was afraid of the snow, and it took about a minute of coaxing for her to venture out!! Click below to see a cute video! (I'm so proud that I figured out how to do this!! )


Still looking kind of scared. Right after this, she started trying to bite the snow that was falling, but I couldn't get a picture! It was so cute!! was coming down so hard!

Even though Justin had a long drive home in the snow, he still stopped and brought me flowers!!

He also wrote me love notes on the table--what a wonderful man I have!!

With what snow was left by Friday, Justin made a snowman!

Aren't they cute!!

What a week of crazy weather! It doesn't seem like there is any more snow in the forecast, but who knows?! My daffodils sure don't want any more! They thought it was spring for sure last Sunday, at 71 degrees, and started to bloom. Then two days of snow!! I'll post pictures once they are in full bloom--hopefully they weren't hurt by the snow!


Amy Metz Walker said...

Cute mini-snowman! Why did you cut yourself out of the picture on the left?

Ryan and Joy said...

Ryley loves the video of Betsy!!! She also wants to know "how'd he do that?" regarding the miniature snowman. You can tell Justin he impresses his niece. :-)

316teamREALTY said...

I thought it was such a great snowman but when I saw Justin's face next to it, I just couldnt resist. I was ROFL!!! Not because of Justin, but of that size. I thought it was life-size.