February 25, 2008

Weekend in Tulsa

We had such a great weekend in Tulsa! We drove up on Friday after work, "checked in" at our matchmaker (literally) Jan's house where we were staying, and then headed over to Justin's parent's house to say hello. Lifelong friends of the Steiners, Bill and Connie Borden, also came up from Texas to see the ORU game.
The game was at two on Saturday, and was being broadcast on ESPN. We all got free white shirts, and it was really neat to look across the arena and see a sea of white!
Here we are--Justin's shirt actually fit him--mine was just a dress!
The game was really good. It was a low scoring game, and pretty much stayed neck-and-neck the whole game. Bummer of an ending though--20 seconds left, ORU with the ball, one point down with a great chance to win...In-bound the ball...wait....9 seconds left....shot....miss...rebound, shot....miss....rebound, shot....miss....buzzer. Bummer!!!!! Oh well--ORU will still be in their division tournament, and hopefully in the Big Dance!
Here's an action shot, with the sea of white in the background.
The rest of the weekend was great as well--yummy food at some fun Tulsa places. Saturday morning we had a great time of prayer with Bill, Connie, Gene, and Kathy. I can't tell you how wonderful it was, and how much I needed it!
We took some fun pictures right before we all headed back to Dallas...

Justin and his look-alike mom...

All of us...Bill, Connie, Gene, Kathy, and us.
What a great weekend!


Ryan and Joy said...

You guys all look great!! We wish we could have been there!

Praying for you this week. :-)

Amy Metz Walker said...

Wow, Aly...you look great! I clicked on that last photo of you in the group shot and you look thinner, for sure! And, of course, cute as always! Are you still sticking to the routine?