February 21, 2008

Long time, no post!

Okay, okay, so after 20 days of no posts (and many reminders and requests from those I love), I am finally sitting down to actually post what has been going on in my life since the beginning of the month. I figured I'd would post the pictures I've been taking and fill in all the blanks...so if you have time, keep reading!

No pictures on this first one--but I guess it is my excuse for lack of blogging...=)

New Job~
I started back to work full time at the beginning of this month. I am a full time reading tutor at a school in McKinney. I can't believe that I'm back, working full time, for the district I quit last year, but I'm actually liking it. I wanted and needed less stress in my life, and this job gives me that. I tutor about 145 kids throughout the week, from kindergarten through 5th grade. I'm pretty busy each day with groups, but have built in planning time every day. I actually get to school every day at 8, and leave by 4, with nothing to EVER take home!! It is my perfect job (for this year). I'm still doing what I love--teaching and working working with kids, but not having ANY of the stress of being their teacher!! I even have my own classroom and get paid almost as much as I did as a full time teacher! What a great opportunity!


Superbowl Party~
We hosted our lifegroup for a Superbowl party. We've been looking forward to this ever since we moved into our house that came with a big screen tv! I had intentions of taking pictures of every couple who was there to put up on the blog, but at the end of the night, I realized that these were the only three pictures I ended up taking! I just can't get the hang of capturing every moment! Oh well!

Here was the food that came early--much more yummy stuff came (and was devoured!!)

Here is the one picture that actually showed some of our friends that came!! L to R: Pete, Ronni, Lance, Henry, and I'm not sure who was behind him.

Justin had an awesome idea to have a little contest--everyone got to try to guess the winner and the final score--winner won a $25 gift card. It made watching fun, everyone hoping that they were the closest. Christy ended up being the closest!!

It was a great time--most of the time, the girls were upstairs and the boys were downstairs (with the high def TV--go figure!), but we were instructed to come down for the exciting last two minutes, since our tv was about 7 seconds ahead of theirs. We had fun cheering ahead of time, and trying to trick the guys into believing that there had been a touchdown. So we decided that we would come down and watch it all together--good times! It was fun to see the underdogs pull it out!


Town Lake Park~
I'm not sure the exact day we took these, but we had so much fun taking Betsy for a walk around beautiful Town Lake Park here in McKinney. I honestly think this is one of the prettiest areas in McKinney. I know that some of the areas in Stonebridge are pretty too (if you're not familiar with McKinney, just ignore that!), but I just love this park. It would be cool if it wasn't so crowded, and right next to the highway, but it is still a great place to be on a nice Texas day! Someday we'll live somewhere that there are a whole bunch of beautiful places to walk!

It is even prettier when there are leaves on the trees!

My two favorite people--well, I feel like she's a person!


Freshly Groomed...

Smiling for the camera!


Valentine's Day~
My sweet husband did a great job this year--like he does every year! I feel loved and cherished by my man every day, but there is just something about Valentine's day. I think it is so much fun to be treated extra special!! I know some people, including my husband, think that Valentine's day is just a hallmark holiday, and shouldn't mean that much. Don't get me wrong, I want to show our love each and every day, but I guess I'm selfish and love being treated like a queen! Thank you, Justin, for always making my days wonderful!!!

We went to III Forks, a very nice restaurant in Dallas. We had early reservations and enjoyed a yummy meal! We had the Sweetheart Special--salad (me), lobster bisque (Justin), two filets, a lobster tail, yummy potatoes and veggies, and a small tray of delicious chocolate desserts to share, including chocolate covered strawberries. I even got a long stem red rose! What a great night!!

My Valentine!!


I just had to add a couple more pictures of my adorable puppy!!

Completely out!!

I don't know how she manage this one--but it lasted about 30 minutes while I was reading my book! She is happiest when she is practically on top of us!!


Texas Weather~
This past Saturday, after days of bad weather warnings from the forecasters, we were awakened at 6:30 am but these little babies knocking on our windows!! After I grabbed my robe and an umbrella, I had to go out and collect a few. I've always been fascinated by hail, but at the moment, extremely thankful for our garage. Many cars were damaged in the storm, including some our friends from lifegroup. These were about quarter size, but we saw on the news golf-ball sized and egg-sized!!! Texas has CRAZY weather!

Last but not least....I have a new sister!! No miracles or anything... =) My parents adopted a cocker spaniel!! Molly is such a cutie--I can hardly wait to meet her in person! I was completely shocked when my mom told us the news. I honestly NEVER thought my dad would get another dog--ESPECIALLY an inside dog!! My brother and I are wondering if he has officially lost it !(Just kidding, Papa--we love you!) Molly is four years old, and is trained, hardly barks, and is my dad's new tag-along. I know that it is just a matter of time until she too, like Bella and Betsy, sleeps on the bed with them. There is just nothing better than having a cocker spaniel!!!

My precious new sister ;-)

Molly and her Mommy

Molly and Daddy--his new best friend!

Okay--I think that was all of the major events of the past twenty days! We're going up to Tulsa this weekend for an ORU game--I promise to take pictures and post them on Monday!


Amy Metz Walker said...

Well, finally!!! Lots going on in the Steiners world lately. You looked really pretty at your Valentines dinner and congrats on the "new" job! I really think you are on to something there! You should start a business or something!

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