February 1, 2008

Boot Camp Graduates!!!


Justin and I made it through four weeks of Fitness bootcamp, five days a week!! We ended tonight strong with a 3 mile run. I can tell how much more in shape I am because I could actually do it!! We really enjoyed it and feel SOOO much better than we did one month ago! Here are our exciting results-I'm happy to share them!

Weight loss: 6 pounds
Body fat %: went from 24% to 22%
Inches: Lost 5.5 inches total from waist, hips, thighs
I definitely feel a difference in myself, even if I haven't lost that much weight. I've noticed my clothes fitting better and getting baggier! My parents bought me four pairs of pants at Christmas, and now, some of them are too big! Overall, I just feel better and have more energy--it's great!

Weight loss: 16 pounds (How do men just melt away pounds like that?! AHHH!)
Body fat %: went from 24% to 16%
Didn't measure inches, but I can definitely tell his inches are melting away as well!

We are going to take a break for a bit, since Justin is going to work the late shift next week. He will probably do a few more weeks of boot camp after that. We even built a relationship with our "drill seargant"--he invited us to his birthday party in a few weeks!
I am so glad that we did this. For me, it is so much easier to get a really good, quality workout when someone is pushing me to do it. I'm also glad that Justin and I did it together. We have really had a good time together, and it is so much easier to keep accountable if we are both doing it! My plan is to keep up with the exercising. I definitely don't want to fall out of the habit!

Are you doing the Year of the Body?? It is great--you should join the club! =)

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Amy Metz Walker said...

Wow, that's SO great...both of you! Alyson, (I'm putting on my personal trainer hat now) you are carrying around less on your frame than Justin, for one, which just means less calories burned.

Also, you'll take some off and simultaneously put on muscle, so you probably lost more fat than the scale shows! Proud of you, girl!

Can't believe you can run three miles!!! That's so great!