January 19, 2008

Our latest home improvements...

Justin and I have had a very productive weekend so far, and it is only Saturday night!!

Justin had Friday off, so we wanted to have a fun day working on stuff together. We decided to go to the 6 am boot camp instead of our usual 6:30 pm session so we could go to a movie. On our way out of the house at 5:30 in the pitch dark, somhow I ran smack into the sharp corner of our heavy door out into the garage. By the time Justin came back in after he heard the crack of my head, I was bleeding!! This picture is today, 36 hours later, with a slight bruising happening! It is actually a little more purple in real life, but it covers up nicely with eye shadow!! I can't believe I did this! Now I know--lights at 5:30 am are a good thing!!

A few weeks ago, Justin used some Christmas gift cards to finally buy some tools that he has been wanting for a long time. He has had a plan to build a new workbench for our garage and finally was able to use his new circular saw and drill today. The first picture is the original Steiner workbench from our first house. This was built with scrap wood from other houses under construction, some screws, and a hand saw--our only tool at the time!! I thought it was great, but look below at his latest creation!

It is still under construction...He still has plans to add built in drawers, and a electrical plug built in on the side. I'm so proud of him! It is a perfect workbench for him and fits perfectly in the garage. What a handy guy!

My contribution to the household updates are the following...

I've been dying to paint our bedroom, so today I got two of the four walls done. I painted it the same blue that is in our bathroom, and I love how it makes the shutters and crown moulding pop!!

Obviously, bedspread, pillows and wall decor still need to go back up, but I just thought I'd share the pretty color! More pics will come when I have finished the other two walls and the decorating.

Another project was adding drawer pulls and handles to my cupboards in the laundry room. I working on making a little "center" on the counter, and I have been painting picture frames and other cute things. I will post the finished project soon. Also, a few weeks ago, we added the shelf and hanging bar for drying clothes. I'm loving the laundry room!

Okay--that's all for now--maybe we'll do even more tomorrow!! It is so fun to work on your own house!!


Amslie said...


1. ouch to the eye!!!

2. love the paint color in your bedroom. It does make the crown molding stand out.

3. and I'm laughing because you are laundry-room obsessed! You practically bought the house just because of that room alone! :-) But it does look great!

Have a great (and productive) rest of the weekend!

Anonymous said...

You guys are so crafty!!