January 1, 2008

Our 5th Anniversary

For our 5th anniversary, Justin took me to the Gaylord Texan, an awesome resort right near the DFW airport. We had such a great time--it felt like we were there for days, and it was only one night! We got the special spa package, which included spa robes, massage oil, and a couples massage! What a wonderful surprise! He had also arranged for there to be rose petals on the bed, but the hotel forgot--bummer! We also had room service twice!
Below are some pictures of our time there...

This is the inside of the atrium--got this one off the website to show you how cool it is!

Justin being silly--it was all decorated so beautifully!

The view from our window

On Monday, before we had to leave for California, we went to see Ice. They do it every year at the Gaylord, and it is absolutely amazing! It is a whole exhibit hall full of rooms of ice sculptures! Chinese artists come in and carve these, and they are there from November through January. You are given a huge parka to wear, since it is all kept at 9 degrees! We had so much fun!
In line--couldn't seem to get both our faces in the picture!

All ice!!!

Waiting in line for one of the three ice slides...wow--I'm fast!

On our actual anniversary on the 27th, Mom and Dad and Aaron and Kristen surprised us with cards and a bottle of champagne--how nice!

Mom even decorated an anniversary tree for us! She decorated it with the bows that we had on the pews in our chapel!
Our official anniversary picture...

We're still silly, even after 5 years!

I'm looking forward to at least 65 years more!!


Amslie said...

Cute post! The "I'm fast" one made me laugh...and I love the one of you guys in line where justin's head is cut off a little. You look really pretty and its just a cute pic in general!

Kathy said...

Surprise!!! Loved your pics. Sounds like you had a marvelous time. I loved the tree your mom decorated. What fun!!!