January 15, 2008

Betsy's new spot

I can't seem to keep the cushions on my couch fluffed up right lately. Betsy has seemed to find her new favorite spot at the very top of the couch! It takes her about 5 minutes of pacing along the top of the couch until she finally finds the perfect spot to snuggle into--snoring contentedly!!

Can you find the Betsy??

Just right!!

Aww!! See why we love her??!!


Amslie said...

Adorable picture of Betsy...we have the same problem with Tucker laying up ON the couch cushions like he thinks he's a cat or something!

I guess it's a little different though when your dog is 80 pounds and is permanently deforming the cushions...it's not so cute then! :-)

Ryan and Joy said...

"She's a beautiful Betsy!" says Ryley. :-)